First post………..Head Trip Chronicles.

Why the name Head Trip Chronicles?
Well, i made this “new” blog with no prior planning and no name in mind, yea i know, so i was just looking around me for something that sounded like it might be interesting, like if you saw this blog, you’d wonder “What the fuck is Head Trip Chronicles?” well thats what i hope happens anyway, but i guess it all comes down to just being interesting.
Interesting i guess is subjective, what i find interesting you might not.
But fuck it i’ll just do this any ways, who gives a fuck if you don’t like it, what do i care *sob*, ok i was kidding i don’t really cry, cause i’m a guy and guys don’t cry, we get shit in our eyes, but we sure as shit don’t cry.
I turned to my right, to a bunch, not so much a stack, more a bunch, of books, two of which have their spines facing me, the first one is called “Head Trip” by Jeff Warren. I recently found out i may have Hypnopompic Sleep Paralysis (Thats for another blog all together, i promise) and i bought it to get some insight in to what Hypnopompic actually is. So thats was the first part of my name, HEAD TRIP.
The second book is “The Fry Chronicles” by Steven Fry (British Treasure) who was very nearly born in New Jersey. He’s a cool guy and i find the man interesting so i bought the book.
I wish i had a far more interesting story on how i came up with the name for this little bloggy woggy but there it is. Two books with their spines facing me ‘Head Trip Chronicles’ is decided.
Wait………. shit………. should i have put ‘The’  at the beginning?
Nah, fuck it. Head Trip Chronicles is cooler then The Head Trip Chronicles.
What is the point of this blog. Don’t ask me i have no real idea, figured i’d just write shit, @JenFriel does it every day, and when i read her stuff, which is usually just stuff thats happen or happening in her life, she posts on so go check her out. If you do and like the site, tell her i sent you. What? she’s a hot nerdy chick. and i could do with the points.
I guess she’s the reason i’m starting this lengthy and most likely pointless blog. She always posts a recent picture of herself, maybe i’ll do the same?
I don’t always look like this…….
Another thing she does is tell you what she is listening to at the moment she starts typing. In my case, Bridge Burning by the Foo Fighters (New Album Wasting LIght due out April 11th but you can listen to the entire album on their website cause they posted it all there. Cool)
So i guess i’ll be posting about what ever is going on in my life at the moment i write a blog. I’ll try to be funny, no guarantees though. I’ll post about the weird things that happen in my head, my sleep paralysis, which is epically weird, and my endeavour to find a fucking job, and the completely fucked up fact that i’m only going to get a job i hate, i’m unemployed (Don’t worry, not going to bore you with that crap) but i need a job fast, so Security it is. For now!
Its 2:32am, so i might leave you here and do something else, my eyes hurt and my brain just left me sitting here to shag my pillow.
If you like this shit that follow me on twitter @Fiskyjay and watch my daily (so far) vlogs on Yes i’m not completely above whoring myself out to the masses. I’m an attention whore don’t you know. And if you have a twitter account, so are you. Fore shame :D

Yes, i’m copying her format, with the hash tags and other bits and pieces.

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