Gym. Week 6.1 Tuesday.

First day back after the week off.

Seconds before pushing 2 20kg dumb bells

So i couldn’t go yesterday, which was annoying but i had a great session today, Chest, Tri-ceps and Abs.
I pushed quite hard today, i meant to go easy but i felt so good in the first few reps that i just decided to go for it. Pretty much started where i left off before the rest period week off, last week.
Its a great gym, The Works Gym in high barnet, but we spent the first 30 minutes listening to reggae music, which just made we want to shoot someone, then after a moments silents the night club music came on. Personally i think its all shit, but as i don’t run the place i have to put it out of my mind and just get on with my work out. I would just use my iPhone but i don’t work out alone. My mate Lee is training me. And it would be rude to ignore him.
Back in the Gym tomorrow (Wednesday) for Back and Bi-ceps then Friday for Legs and shoulders.


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