A friend of mine, a fella named Lee called by my place back in Feb, during my ‘Get Fit Feb’ phase. Get Fit Feb incidentally failed big time. Like George W Bush at a spelling bee. Anyway i hadn’t seen this dude for some time, he used to live around the corner and we use to hang out all the time, but he’s since moved on….
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Last time i saw him he was, well, there really is no nice why to put it, he was a fat ass, ever since he got out of prison, yes and i’m not going to mention why he was in there, it was a wrong crowd kinda thing, but now he’s like fit with muscles every where, he mentioned that he would train me, seeing as i was getting a little, flabby, saggy and generally unfit.
I’d been this way for awhile, having worked Security for 5 years, more on Security in another blog. But it does cause you to gain weight as its a very low motion job, lots of sitting around doing nothing. This then moved into my daily life i became more inactive and slowly the flab took hold and i was starting to get a belly. Being a lazy ass i couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it at that point, i mean it wasn’t that bad, just a little flab. Anyway this continued for years and thats what really started the Get Fit Feb phase, a notion that if i can get exercise for one month ‘Feb 2011’ i could maybe continues doing it, make it a daily habit..?
I started with raining, in order to build my stamina, i used an iPhone app called Couch to 5K, where you run for 1 minutes then walk for 90 seconds and basically repeat this for 20 minutes, three times for one week, then the times change a bit for the second week and so on until your running for 30 minutes straight. 
Yeah, that sounds great in theory on on paper or any other analogy you can think of that doesn’t actually involve you doing any running, i found this very hard to do, but was determined to finish the month out, hoping that by the end of February  i’d be fit enough to continue, and not only that but i’d want to continue.
Anyway, during the second week i fell sick, only a cold but it laid me out so i took a break from the running, which i never did get back to, i guess i used the cold as an excuse to stop doing it. Yea i know i know… I probably didn’t what to do it in the first place anyway right?
So later in February, my mate Lee appears, haven’t seen this dude in awhile, and he looks healthy and fit, he said if i want to he’d train me. I said, sure that would be great, we talked for a few hours on this subject and i kinda just agreed with him with no real intention of taking him up on his offer, i mean i’ve been to Gym’s before and hated it every time, i always felt really self conscious, like everyone is watching you.
A few days later, after our chat, i decided that if i want this flab gone i need to act. Someone once said to me “Shut the fuck up and just do it” so this time i listened. I called Lee and said, When can we get started, this was a Thursday i think. we started on Monday, i felt that i needed to start as soon as possible, cause i longer i wait, the more chance i’d have to back out.
Monday came and my first Gym session was great. This Gym, The Works Gym. isn’t like the other Gym’s i’ve been to, no spin classes, no Yoga, no Pilates. Just big ass heavy machines and maybe a few treadmills and cross trainers up stairs. And the guys that run it are Mixed Martial Artist. Cool.
So, on Mondays we do our chest and tri-cepts, and sometimes our abs
On Wednesdays we do our back and bi-cepts, and sometimes out abs
On Fridays we do our legs and shoulders
And we never do the same thing more then once every three weeks or so, to make sure our muscles don’t adapt.
For the first 5 weeks at least one part of my body ached or was sore, but a good sore, after awhile it just felt good to ache a little, not sure what that says about me, if anything, but i felt good. Sometimes we’d push heavy weights with low reps other times we’d push lighter weight with more reps, other times even lighter weights but we’d do supersets, 3 or 4 exercises with no rest in-between, then rest for 90 seconds then do it again. We’d do that 3 or 4 times and by the end me muscles would be on fire. Then we’d go push a heavy weight with that muscles group, this would actually make those muscles feel better and not ache so much after. The soreness the day after and the day after that wasn’t so bad after awhile.
This past week has been a rest period and tonight, supposed to be yesterday, but tonight we start up again and i’m looking forwards to getting stuck in again.
Ok, i’m done.

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