Last night…….

I had a few ideas for more blog posts, i planned to write them today, but for the life of me i can’t remember what the hell i wanted to write about. Annoying.
Life would be easier if i could write these blogs without having to turn on my desk top computer (5 year old iMac, the white one), i love this machine, but turning it on at 3 am to write a blog isn’t really practical is it?
Having a laptop or even an iPad would be better, then i could just write them in bed. Ok i’m just trying to justify buying either one right now, but they would help. Right i think i’ll just try to come up with another system that is maybe cheaper, like writing a few notes on a piece of paper with a pencil, or the notes app on my iPhone. BUt seriously i need to do something because i remember them being good topics and now that i can’t remember what they were i’m a little pissed that i can’t write them.
Soooo anyway, last night i couldn’t be bothered to put my bed down. I sleep on a sofa bed, and i decided to just ‘crash’ on my couch, not sure why i do that because its not easy to actually fall asleep on it, its a little over 2 foot wide, inclined with a vertical on the bottom end, so if i roll over onto my right side my face is buried into the back rest. Your probably wondering why i do that and not just convert it into a the bed. Which isn’t exactly difficult to do. Lift/push/lower done. but because the padding is so, used its hard so i have a mattress which i then left onto the top, makes for a more comfortable sleep. And in the morning i have to lift it off the bed and lift/push/lower the bed to transform it into the sofa again. And i just could be bothered to do that last night, i was tired and just wanted to crash out on something remotely comfortable, which it just about is.
Of course it took sometime for me to “drop” off and during this pre REM sleep phase i was thinking about those Blogs i have now forgotten about.
My mind is utterly useless.

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