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Playing: Bridge Burning – Foo Fighters, Wasting Light (From website)

Hey everyone, who aren’t reading this right now, because i just started doing this and no one really knows that i’m doing it. : /
So, i guess i should mention that i do have other Blogger accounts. And haven’t really been updating those much lately. So why am i starting a whole new blogger blog?
The other blogger account was attached to the wrong Google account. Yes it really is that simple.
You see i started a blogger blog years ago, and still have those, yes those, plural, accounts. I may link it in the side bar —>
But as that blogger account was linked to my FiskFilmLtd youtube account, which i never really logged into very often, it was never open. I’m always using my FiskyJay youtube account and in order to use those other blogger accounts, i would have to log out of my fiskyjay Google account, log into my FiskFilmLtd account, just to write a blog, then go back to my fiskyjay account to use my main Youtube account. This go annoying so i stopped doing it.
My Fiskyjay account used an Alias eMail and my Fisk Film account used my original eMail address and instead of linking the older blogger account to the fiskyjay account i linked it, without really thinking to my original eMail address, which linked it to my Fisk Film account.
I hope that makes sense, because i got confused typing it.
Basically i didn’t want to have to log out of my main Google account to write blogs no one was reading. There i said it, happy now.
So i started this new blogger account with my main google account, of cause i had to call it something different, read my first blog for details on name concept and meaning (HERE) this way it will always be open and i can write blogs as i think of a topic i want to write about….
Playing: Rope – Foo Fighters, Wasting Light (From website)
Yes i’m listening to the entire album, again, cause i love it, its great.
Anyway where was i……….?
Oh yeah. So with this blog being easier to access i can just write without fucking about with Google accounts.
This Google account linking bullshit has caused me such a headache, trust me i have 3 youtube accounts and google accounts, why we can’t just link more then one youtube account to just a single Google account is beyond me, i guess it gives them some kind of control over users *shrug*

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