Other blogs to come…

So, in this Blog i wrote earlier (HERE) i said that i couldn’t remember any of the blog ideas i had last night (Monday) and i remember coming up with quite a few.
So all day i’ve not really been thinking about them, except in that blog i wrote earlier. And now more then 12 hours later i have managed to remember most of them, and have written them down so this time i don’t really have an excuse for forgetting, unless i loose my note pad.
I found this note pad in one of my many man draws, it contains lots of notes i’d written years ago, actually its half filled, i had completely forgotten about it, hmmmmmm and wasn’t even looking for it, i was looking for prompt cards instead and i find a thick note pad filled with forgotten ideas. I’m guessing there’s a blog in there somewhere too. Hang on a sec………………… note made in the ex-lost note pad.
I’m not sure when i’ll start writing these other blogs, maybe tomorrow but i might not post them until i’m happy with them. They might end up being pretty long so i want to make sure they are good, and i’ll have to dive into my memory, which doesn’t work to good, so a lot of thinking might be needed……….. bare with me.
I have one on my past and current situation. Another which goes past that and to some place i want to be within the next few years. One about a girl and one about sleep oddness.

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