Back and Forth.

For one night only, the Foo Fighters doc/Film is being shown at a cinema near me. And i intend to be there.

The Foo’s are now one of my all time favourite bands. But it wasn’t always that way, there was a time i didn’t like them at all. Its true….. seriously.
Back in the day i wasn’t really into music at all, i kind just went with what my friends liked, what they thought was “Good” i later learned that good music is subjective and what is good for you isn’t necessarily good for me. Back then most of the people i worked with were into Hip Hop and R&B so i listened to Hip Hop and R&B, most of my friends were into Pop and Drum and Bass, so i listened to Pop and Drum and Bass. I never really had my own musically identity. I never really listened to music because I liked it, i listened to it because people around me did.
Year went by, i’d cut mixed tapes with music cut from the “Now” compilation albums, popular music, mostly because i wanted to fit it. I even at one point bought a Tupac double album because the people i worked with like it. I didn’t, but i made copies for them anyway, using the companies very expensive colour printer to copy the sleeve.
I’d sit at home on days off and watch MTV, but every time the Foo Fighters or any rock music came on i’d change to one of the many other music channels. I guess i did want to listen to Rock because no one i knew listened to it.
Then i heard ‘Limp Bizkit’,  yes yes i know. I bought there current (At the time) album ‘Chocolate Starfish and hot dog favoured water’ and liked it, I’d bought it because i heard one track, i forget now which one but i liked it and figured i’d like the album. That i guess is the start is my love for Rock music. After that the next album i bought was ‘Nirvana’ and compilation album released in 2002, after hearing this Limp Bizkit seem tame. I liked it, i figured i’d get to know this Nirvana band, that when i learned that Cobain had committed suicide 8 years earlier. Bullocks i thought, this is a great band and they are no more. I soon learned that Dave Grohl, the drummer for Nirvana started and was the lead vocal and guitar in a band i already knew but didn’t like, the Foo Fighters. i figured if i liked Nirvana so much i must be missing something with the Foo Fighters. So i started listening to them as well, and now i fucking love them and have done ever since.
With Wasting light only 4 days away form release (I have it on iTunes pre-Order) i’ve been listening to it on there website for the last week, continuously everyday and i fucking love it. Produced in his (Grohl’s) garage with analogue equipment, i personally think it sound fucking incredible. My fav track on it is White Limo
So, i’m looking forward to Back and Forth tonight. 147 minutes of Foo. A doc and after a live (Recorded on the 5th of April) performance of the new album ‘Wasting LIght’.
[Later that day]
On track 10 of Wasting Light, ‘I Should Have Know’ it was rumoured that Grohl wrote this about Kurt Cobain, lets not forget the film premiered in cinemas across America on the 5th of April, the 17th anniversary of Kurt’s death. And in the “Live” performance of the new album after the film, Grohl has the letter K taped to his guitar, could it be ‘K’ for Kurt? maybe, also Krist Novoselic (Of Nirvana if you didn’t already know) plays some bass, i think it was the first time the Grohl and Novoselic have played together since Nirvana, or at least on a Foo’s album.

So i’m home now and that was a great end to yet another good day, sun, good music, beer sun a walk, more sun FOO FIGHTERS BACK AND FORTH and i played Good Samaritan again to another old dude, this one called Carlos. Thats twice this year already. Dude i’ll tell ya, i’m a good guy to have around if you find yourself on the floor or in the road and have no idea why or how you got there, i’ll look after you keep you safe and call 999. I’m actually getting really good at this first aid shit, the other 3 people there thought i was a cop. Anyway, new vlog recorded just now embedded below.

Its Monday the 11th of April 01:30am and i just downloaded ‘Wasting Light’ the new Foo FIghters album from iTunes. There is a remix of ‘Rope’ by deadmau5, and new track called ‘Better Off’, the video for ‘White Limo’ and a live performance of ‘Walk’. But then i’ve been listening to this album for over a week already, but i’ve had to do that from the website, pain in the ass, now it doesn’t matter i can listen to it on the move.

So, after the Foo Fighters Film Back and Forth a live performance of Wasting Light came up, Dave and the guys playing the entire album, live. Recorded on the 5th of April. Notice the ‘K’ on Dave’s guitar. And for your enjoyment its embedded below. Listen to it here or go to this video by clicking on it, give it a thumbs up and fav it.

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