The hopeful Future…

I kinda guess the title says it all, this is where i want to be within the next few years.
Listening to All my life – Foo Fighters
I have this ambition to do what i want for a living, to earn money doing something i enjoy doing, working to my own dead lines at my own pace where and when i want to do it. That would be film making, weather it be for Festivals, Cinemas, Television or simply Youtube, its something i enjoy doing and could spend days at a time with no breaks, except to maybe sleep.
The current status of my working career is security, a thankless hateful job that i couldn’t hate more if i were chained to the spot to stop me from leaving. Career’s are such a twentieth century concept anyway, why should we be tired to one thing the rest of our lives, should we simply just DO what makes us happy in life, whatever that may be at what ever time of your life you are living in right now.
We’d all like a job that pays well for doing less work, right? but i can spend 24 hours editing with no breaks, i’ll eat and drink at my computer while i’m editing, Why? because i love doing it. If i was getting paid to do this i’d be very fucking happy, trust me. So my goals for the next few years are all about doing what will make me happy in the long run, not the short term, but into my future, my hopeful future.
First is to get a job, and seeing as Security is the only real thing i’m qualified or experienced (Real on the job experience) to do Security it is, i hate it, and if you read THIS blog post you’d already know that. I hate it with a passion, but money is money and i need some so, shut the fuck up and just do it already.
Second is to pay off my credit card, which incidentally is another blog coming up soon, they are nothing buy leaches that want your money weather you have a job or not, they are fucking Evil organisations that would take blood in loo of money. NEVER NEVER NEVER get a credit card, EVER.
After i’ve done the first two i can start working on the third, which is to get my own place,
Sorry i had to do some recycling and take out the bins.
My own place would mean i can shoot what i want when i want to, yayy for me, maybe not for my neighbours but yayy for me. Weather it be 3am or 3pm i could shoot what i like. Ideally it would be nice to have a few extra pairs of hands, i am a lone wolf here after all and having someone else handle the camera would mean better camera work. And i’d the neighbours to get used to seeing me with a camera, the more they see me with a camera the quicker they’ll start ignoring me, meaning they want stand and stare at the camera. Which is annoying. But then equally annoying is someone walking up to you while your filming and saying “Are you filming something” as if the camera wasn’t enough of a clue. But we move past that sort of thing and get on with it. Third, get my own place.
Forth would be technical stuff, a new camera, a Canon 60D, because its a decent camera with good image quality, sure its like £800 but its worth it, it shoots in 24fps progressive scan, which is awesome, no more interlaced bullshit. I’d rather have the 5D MkII but its like £1500 and thats just a little to much, i need to have a good camera but one thats not to much of a dent on the pocket, the 60D is great.
Then i’ll need a new iMac, the one i have, the one i’m writing this blog on is 5 years old already and is starting to slow down (If your a PC nut, i’m not interested in your opinion of Mac Vs PC. Which again is another blog all together) A new Mac will speed up things to a level i like, then Final Cut Studio X (Not sure where we are on that at the mo, 4 i think) a legit version not a free download from Warez or Rapidshare, also, i use After Effects as well so having the latest Creative Suit AE would be awesome, and i think that would be enough to do what i want.
Then i’ll try to get one short film out every two weeks or so, weather it be my Ninja series;
Thats part two, more involved then part one, as part one was only a test, enjoy.

I’d like Ninja #X to become a series, but with each new episode comes one more Ninja, part three will have 3 Ninja’s part four will have 4 and so on until i can no longer do it because it got ridicules. But i do have an idea for an epic battle with thousands of Ninjas.

So, once all the above has happened and i’m producing two skits/films a month, and my Youtube Channel FiskFilmLtd has a good viewership and subscribers i’ll try for Youtube Partnership, then i can earn revenue on my shorts, and use that money to 1, make better Skits/films and 2, pay the bills. OF course that is assuming i have enough subscribers and views per video.

So, when all this is happening, i’d like to gain a little respect within the British film community, they are however snobish bastards who think that in order to be a “Film Maker” you need to of had a film in a cinema. Well, i have, in January 2010 i had this;

This was screened in a small theatre in Covent Garden for the Branchage Film Surgery. I was fucking awesome, i was so nervous, the call sheet said i was third, but one guy could make it so i was second, then i was first, i almost crapped my pants but just did it and explained that it was all a bit of fun, people liked it which was great because, like i said i was crapping my pants, then we had beers after, cool.

So technically i have had a film screened in a cinema, so that make me, by there terms a film maker, but then i’ve always seen it as, if you make films, your a film makers. But some twats are so snobby about it because they wen tot film school, they can’t stand that some kid sitting in his bedroom can produce anything worth watching. But then i think those types are rare, a good film is a good film right?

After i’ve gain a level of success on Youtube, i’d like help Youtuber’s who want to make films but don’t have the tech to do it, i’d effectively be a producer for their films. I’d help them make the film, then i’d advertise it on my channel, they’d upload to their channel, awesome.

So, in two years i’d like Fisk Film to be something other then a name i my head. I’ll work a hateful job knowing that in a few years i’ll be working for myself, doing what i love doing. Making Films.

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