WFT – IT Skills

Tomorrow at 10am i have to go to Barnet College in Colindale for this ITQ thing.
A journey during rush hour on the London underground to attend a IT course i have no details about. 
Because i’m claiming Job Seekers Allowance i can do this course for free, and at the end i get a piece of paper that says i can use a PC (Incidentally i’m a Mac user) but i have no details as to.

  • How long i’ll spend each day there
  • How many days a week i’ll have to attend
  • How many weeks i’ll have to attend. Or months.
On top of this i still have to look for work, and it seems like, it me anyway, that it’ll be a waste of my time, i mean the shit on the course is all about using MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Which i already now how to use. they’re not exactly rocket science. I might hate using them and PC’s in general but i know how to.
I’d rather spend that time looking for work, which i still have to do by the way on top of the course.
I just hate commuting for shit like this with absolutely no details about what i’m going to be doing.
When i worked at Burberry, the managers there would do the same thing, they’d ask us to do over time, to commit to a long ass shift, usually 7am to 12mid-night but they wouldn’t tell us why “You’ll get overtime” as if that answered our questions. Why do managers do that anyway, its like thats all i care about, the money. I hate managers.
Anyway, Should i spend tim eon the London underground for something i know nothing about for a piece of paper that doesn’t really matter?


This wasn’t todays scheduled blog, i’m just not in the mood to write about the only woman i ever felt could have been “The One” then fucked up and lost her. I just don’t have it in me.

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