Interesting Comments……?

I received three comment eMails today, the first was on this VLog;

“This gym stuff is very boring. Your body building is for you! You get very few views here and at VH, with few comments. Try another approach!”

To which i replied;

“I don’t do Gym vlogs for anyone but me, as a kind of record. If you think its boring then don’t watch, see easy.”

Something that you notice if you’ve been on the internet for a long time, is that people will watch videos that they don’t like and or think are boring, then complain about it. If its boring don’t watch it. Easy.
The other comments were on this VLog;

“Yep it has cooled down for sure! These vlogs of yours are a bit boring, you seem bored doing them! So stop for now! Your exercise regime isn’t very interesting also.

What is your expertise and what job do you want to do?”

My reply;

“My exercise regime is for me, weather you or anyone else likes it is no concern of mine, Do’t like, Don’t watch, skip ahead. You are very repetitive you know that, its kind of annoying. Daily Vlogging is like lifecasting, in fact, it is lifecasting, the good the bad and the boring, why should i edit that. This is my life, as boring as it is, if you don’t think its worth watching, then stop watching it.”


“You get very few views at VH and comments! My advice, drop the gym stuff and post creative vids, like your walk about! You are out of work, what work do you want to do? What are your talents?”

My reply;

“I already commented on the gym stuff. The creative videos aren’t that easy when there are people living here that don’t care about me making them. I wouldn’t consider a walk about as creative, its just a vlog out doors, sometimes i just wonna vlog somewhere that isn’t in my chair.”

All the comments of the above comment came from the same person, can you see how repetitive he is. In all three comment he’s telling me that my vlogs are boring and that the Gym stuff isn’t interesting. Again i say. Then Don’t Watch.
Why do people watch stuff they don’t like, i’m sure he most likely sees it like he’s giving me advise. I say, you try making VLogs every day and keep them interesting. The point of a Daily VLog is to document your life. kinda like Lifecasting. I’m broadcasting my life, the good the bad and the boring. Everything goes in unedited, sometimes my life is boring, i can’t help that, i can’t spend money to do things that might make them more interesting to watch, i need to save money, by not spending any, if i can help it.
Lets see my VLogs from a different point of view. Lets say that ‘My Hopeful Future‘ works out and in 2 years i’m a Youtube success, making creative videos every few weeks, and earning enough in revenue to support my life style (I can live below my means) and the making of more videos. These VLogs are going to show the rise of that success, the day to day of my life, Boring as it might be sometimes, it’ll show how i got there, and where i was before.
Todays i shot a 22 minutes VLog, and in the description i’ve written this;
Boring – 0:00 to 7:00
Gym – 7:27 to 9:06
Comments – 9:15 to 21:46
As a key for those, the guy who wrote those comment, to skip ahead. I won’t be doing it again, i just wanted to see if he watched this VLog. So the Boring section is me sitting for a little over a minute then i go make a cuppa, living the camera running in an empty room for 4 minutes, then on my return i sit quietly until the 7th minute. The the Gym section, i talk about tonights Gym session, and in the comments portion i reply to those comments above. Angrily if i felt it necessary, and with understanding if needed, but mostly saying “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it” it did kinda turn into a rant. I like ranting.
Ultimately i don’t really care, i make these VLogs for me, if i made them to get popular i’d of stopped a long time ago, but then i don’t really put the work in to get popular, like sending out random messages to other VLoggers saying things like “Check out my VLogs, and if you like them rate comment and subscribe“. I hate getting those messages, i sometimes check out the channel but most of the i just delete the message. So doing something that i hate isn’t really something i want to do for the VLogs. The FISK FILM channel i kind of pimp as much as i can without pissing people of, the more i like the video, the more i pimp it, like this;

Ha ha, please watch, if you do like it, please comment on it, if you think that i could have done something different, please comment, if you didn’t like it, please, comment and tell me why. I’m not to bothered about Ratings, but i really do want feedback on the videos on that channel. It would help me make better videos in the future. I have 8 videos on this channel so far, please watch them and comment, i really want the feedback.

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