I have less then nothing…

I just checked my bank account because i have no money on me right now, well, i have tons of shrapnel but nothing larger then 20p, all i wanted to do was by some honey from Tesco because i’m trying to cut processed sugar from my diet and lots of people are saying that i should use honey in my tea. So before i went to Tesco i decided to check my account status, to see how much money is in there, i don’t want to take out to much after all, i’m unemployed and don’t get that much from my Job Seekers Allowance, about £130 every 2 weeks.
And now that i’ve paid my mobile phone bill and my landline rental and internet bill, i have -30 some odd pounds. Yep minus 30 some odd pounds, i’m in the red.
So when my JSA money comes in on Monday, i’ll loose 30 some odd pounds immediately. 
So right now i have less then nothing. Nothing would be Zero ‘0’ but i have minus 30+ pounds, i owe the bank.
Great fucking wankers batman i’m so fucked right now, i can’t even by Honey. And i’m not getting any responses to my job applications. Times are getting desperate. Its little wonder so many people on the ‘Dole’ turn to crime. I might have a few months left at this rate before my mobile phone and internet/landline are cut off, which means i have no contact details except Royal Mail.

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