Maybe time to talk a little about the Book…

About a year ago i decided that i wanted to write a book, a Novel or Novella or what ever it turns into. I love reading Robert Ludlum’s spy thrillers, most popular are the Bourne series.
It might be interesting to note that the first Bourne Book, ‘The Bourne Identity’ was published in 1980, and Jason bourne (David Webb) was in his late 30’s, the second book was published in the mid 80’s and the last Ludlum written Bourne book, The Bourne Ultimatum’ was published in 1990, where Bourne was getting old pushing in his late 40’s, Mary is still alive, unlike the movie versions, and he has 2 children a boy and a girl. I love reading the complexity of this character, his past and present, how David Webb became Jason Bourne, and Why he became Jason Bourne.
Anyway, because i loved reading Spy Thrillers i decided that thats what i wanted to write. But i also had my sights on writing a Star Trek fan book, as i’m a die hard Trekkie. So i thought, why not combine them both and write a Star Trek Spy Thriller, its not like their aren’t spies in the Star Trek universe, Section 31 for one.
I figured that i couldn’t use existing characters, or characters that came and went, i wouldn’t a whole new batch. So i sat to work creating a plot line, this would lead me to a basic set of characters. It was refined over time, as characters came and went. 
I wrote a Prologue, hoping that i would get the creative juices flowing, it did, but in the wrong direction i thought, so i re-thought everything, and came up with a time line. I used Star Treks past events, the Dominion War, and thats where my main characters history lies. Then created a present and a situation to solve. Which lead to the story becoming more complex, i had to write everything down as it was becoming far to complex to remember, good guys bad guys is just to easy.
I had to create obstacles, some simple some harder to elude, but i eventually got what i needed to start, knowing full well that things will most likely change a little along the way.
I call the first book, yes, the FIRST book, ‘The Orion Directive’ and the series ‘A Murder of Crows’ Crows because my main character is called Simon Crow (Aka Adam Webb) He fought front line infantry in the Dominion War, a ground troop who would face Jem’Hadar soldiers face to bloody face.
I haven’t set out the next two book yet but i know what need to happen in them. The Third book, i think will be epic, but then thats just me talking.
I would love to finish these books off, and have all three published, knowing that thats not real realistic, but i can post them as PDF’s on many Star Trek forums as Star Trek Fan Fiction, good knows theres enough of it out there.

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