So what have i been doing since the 25th of April…

Short answer, not much…
I’ve applied for quiet a few jobs and literally had no replies, nothing nada zero zip and if extremely frustrating to not even get a “Sorry but the position is filled” or “You application is not required at this time” all i get is an empty mail box, so to speak. I sent another off yesterday, as a reply to an eMail i received from, i applied online, wrote a cover letter my C.V. and uploaded my C.V. If i do not receive anything buy Wednesday next week, i’ll accept the fact that i’m not even getting an interview. Which sucks ass.
I haven’t sent out so many C.V’s in my life, in the past i’ve sent out a few and always gotten interviews on most of them, now i’m getting nothing, and i hate it, because it makes me want to bitch and moan about it, it makes me fell useless and unwanted. And i’m getting pretty desperate, my bank account might as well be the back of my couch.
I’ve had more ideas to yet another video series, a new character, but of course, and i’ve said it lots of times, i need a new place, my own space to film what ever when ever i like, I really need my own place, and soon, but, of course i need a fucking job first.
Being unemployed does a afford certain way of life, by that i mean you learn not to spend money. I live in a family where 3 out of 4 adults (Me, Sister, Mother) spend money if we have it. If i get 200 quid my sister and or mother will follow with “So what are you going to buy me” usually when you hear that its just a joke, not in my family, if you have money  they expect you to spend it. I remember a few years back i was able to save £700 into a savings account, but after a few birthdays i have less then 100 left, they don’t seem to care much about weather you can afford to spend it or want to spend it, if you don’t you’ll get “You have all that money and you can’t even buy me a decent birthday present“. they all put as much pressure on you to spend what you have until its all gone then you get “Then why did you spend it all on crap then” or “Next time, don’t worry about us“.
I can easily live with very little money, i’m not really into the extravagances of life, I only really need things that keep me alive, like food, water, electricity and a roof. The wants, would be a new Mac, and to make better videos a new camera, but these are things that i can save up for, as i don’t need to spend lots of money, i should be able to save up pretty quick. Clothes aren’t really a big thing for me either, i mostly wear Jeans and t-shirts with converse high-tops, in-door a t-shirt with shorts, no big brand names and absolutely no designer labels (Except the Burberry suits i had as a uniform when i worked with Burberry) so i have no real need to spend lots of money.
I’ve usually given myself “spending money” every month, a set amount of money i can spend on whatever i like, usually around £100.
All i need now is a freaking JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

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