Bright Ideas…

Its kinda weird where ideas come from, I was sitting here, at my computer, when my light goes out, along with every other light upstairs. I go downstairs to the kitchen and open the larder and start emptying the thing of caned food and squeezy sauce bottle and a pack of spaghetti, this made me hungry, but i had light to fix. I pull down the fuse box cover and see one of the switches on the circuit breaker is off, the one marked Lights, the other switch marked Lights was still on, this i knew before i’d even seen it as the downstairs lighters were fine. I flip the switch to on, close the fuse box cover and replace everything i took out, again it all made me hungry.
As i closed the larder door and started back up stairs, an idea hit in me in the face like a warm fart.
A couple, she’s watching her shows and he is in the kitchen, there is an obvious tension between them even though neither one has said a word. Then everything turns off. A fuse is tripped, but as the fuse box is wired wrong, due to one of his friends, instead of one single fuse tripping, the entire box goes, everything is gone, no power. Good thing its the middle of the day.

They try to ignore each other, but are eventually force to “talk” as he doesn’t know what the heck to do with the fuse box, and neither does she (Of course thats a little odd but necessary for the story to move forward) the talk starts off angry, we get to the route of the problem with lots of shouting and arm waving, but eventually the truth comes out and they reconcile the problem.

The friend who “fixed” the fuse box is coming over to help him move out his stuff, which is all boxed up and ready to go. He lets in his friend, and before he starts to take the boxes to his van, he goes to the fuse box and flips a switch, the power is restored, the TV and lights come back on, the couple look on, realising how easy it is to restore the power, and that something so simple to fix, had gotten them to talk and reconcile.
Now i need to end this, i could just end it there, leaving what happens to this couple up to the viewer;
He stays;
“Thanks man, but i think i’ll be staying right where i am”, the couple hug.
He goes;
“I still love you, but maybe we should start over, slowly” he agrees. “How about dinner and a movie, this Friday” She nods.

Bright Ideas;

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