Reasons why we should weaponise Darwinism ~#1~

Yesterday i finished my eleventh week of going to a Gym. Thats 3 times a week for 11 weeks, so that 33 Gym sessions. Plus 2 bus rides for each session, to and from the Gym, that 66 bus rides, and until yesterday ‘d never had a problem.
Yes this blog is going to be about dirty urban pikeys (British Slang).
So i waited at my bus stop as i usually do, this part was, of course as boring an uneventful as it usually is, which is fine by me as i’d just finished a kick ass gym session, relaxing is on my mind for the next few hours, and sitting on a bus ignoring the world feels great right about now.
I use my Oyster card to “pay” for my ride, £1.20p and i move to the seat i usually sit at, second row on the right past the back doors, window seat, not very comfortable, but then none of them are. I start to relax.
Then about 5 minutes into a 30 minutes bus ride three “Pikeys” get on board, already i can till these guys are gotten be asshole because they are taking forever to deal with the process of paying, i’m still unclear if all three actually paid.
Anyway the first, who it would appear is the “Alpha” of the three walked to the back of the bus with his fishing gear took one look at me and said “Alright mate, i know you, you used to chase us around the flat about 10 years ago” I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about, the others seems to follow suit, i have no idea weather they were just putting me on or what, but some details like where this supposedly happened were correct, The flat behind my house. But ten years ago i was 23 and not chasing kids around the flats, as he didn’t use my name i got the feeling that he may of recognised my face, but confused it with someone else’s. He was drunk after all, at 7pm.
The three pikeys sat around me and started to talk to me, so i just went with it, i didn’t know them, then and i didn’t want to know them now, but what could i do.
After much loud, loutish behaviour the two bigger one, not to say they we’re any bigger then me, just bigger the the little third guy, anyway, one of their big ass bottles of Stella went flying across the bus, hitting some poor guy on the head, at this point i’m just hoping that the other people on this bus don’t actually think i’m “with” them, they fall onto another poor guy sitting across from us, he quickly gets up and moves away, Next, after the two twats hug and make up, and i mean that literally, the “Alpha” sits back down next to me and slaps the poor guy in front on the head, the guy who was hit by a flying beer bottle, and why did he get hit, well because he was black and these fucks we’re clearly racists.
When they first sat down i didn’t think anything of it at first, i thought it was just bolster, three fuckwits trying to act “hard” on a bus, i was told that, because i’m a “Friend” i’m ok, but if i were black i’d get shot, the little one made his hand into a gun shape and flicked it up as if he’d just fired it.
The poor guy infront of us, took it like a man and with dignity, clear he has more dignity in his little toe then either one of those pikey wankers, but as he got up to leave the bus the heckled him, “Don’t take it personally mate, its not your fault your black, just go home and hang yourself with that rope” it was at this point i wished that i either missed this bus, they didn’t get on, or i had the balls and or skill to take them on, all three at once.
After that things seemed to chill out for a bit, then the dumb fuck on the back seat simply decided to break a seat, he pushed, with his legs on the back of it and bent it forward, why, because his mate (“Alpha”) was sitting in it.
They seem to like causing trouble, and damaging public property because they can and because no one, me included, tills them otherwise, if we did what would happen to us? most likely a ride to a hospital.
People like this DO NOT FIGHT FAIR, even though the “Alpha” might step in first, once the fight has begun, the other two will jump in, especially if the “Alpha” gets into trouble, then it no longer a for fight. So, how do you fight these people? easy, you fight dirty and you try to end it quickly. Then leg it. The “Alpha” may start the fight, but all three will jump in, then when its over and done, they seem to get confused. Later, they might say “I kicked your arse” “I beat the fuck outta you” they seem to forget quickly that it did take all three to finally kick your arse.
After this, i started to think about Darwinism and if we could weaponise it, we wouldn’t have these pikeys around for long.
Someone commented on my Vlog yesterday thats it most likely Socio-Economic, poor families are more likely to break the law, and at least enjoy doing so. Maybe that true we are products of our environment after all.
And after this what did i want to do? Kill them, i even planned it out. Does that make me like them or worse?

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