Reply to an eMail from MBNA…

To Whom it may concern,

Email Reference Number: ********

I’ve tried to “log in” and, as i can’t even remember registering an account online, that didn’t go well so i figured i’d reply to this eMail and hope that this reaches the correct person.

As of September 17th 2010 i have been unemployed, and right now am struggling to find work, my current bank balance is approximately £153, which must pay for utilities and living expenses, i receive £130 every 2 weeks from my Job Seekers Allowance (The last was this Monday 16th May), so as you can see my financial situation isn’t great.

In the eMail (Below) i was told that i’ve missed the last 3 payment, but my bank receipts say i paid £100 on the 2nd of April. Yes i’m fully aware that my minimum is £150, but if i did pay the full amount i’d be filing for bankruptcy.

At the beginning of the year (2011) i had two rather long and as it turns out pointless conversation with a representative at your office, we discussed my current situation and he tried to help me out by reducing my minimum to £100 a month, but that would have turned the then short term problem into a very long one, a problem i was hoping to avoid by finding work, but as that hasn’t happened it soon looks like that problem is going to happen sooner rather then not at all. As it stands i am still spending most of my free time, when not cleaning this house to please the owners, looking for work and as i’ve said, it looks to be far more difficult then i first anticipated.

Of course once i start working again and gain a monthly paycheck i will continue to pay my monthly bills, usually in the past i’ve paid more then my monthly minimum, why? because i am so desperate to pay it off, i NEED to clear this credit card because in the 8 or 9 years i’ve had it, 90% of that time has been nothing but stress i just don’t need, in my personally view credit cards are EVIL in the wrong hands, and the wrong hands are 99% of the worlds population. Its true.

Anyway. Your records should show that i’ve always paid my bills, while i’ve had employment, and i’ve been unemployed 3 times since having this card. Your records should also show that, 2004/2005 – 2008 – and now, your records should show that i couldn’t pay the full amount, but every time i gain employment i was back on form and paying my monthly due.

Now, this is the longest i’ve been unemployed, and my financial situation is the worst its ever been. I stopped my Payment Protection Cover a year ago, because, in the past (2004/2005 – 2008 unemployment periods) they didn’t help, i was paying them 50 – 60 pounds a month and they were refusing to help me. So a year ago i decided to terminate my contract with them. I mean why bother giving them money if they can just refuse to help me when i need them most (My views on insurance companies are not for this eMail) How was i to now i’d be sacked later that year, i was having a great year at work.

My job search continues as i fall deeper and deeper into a depression due to my financial situation, i have plans, in fact its a two year plan, but with no monthly income that plan is pointless, which in turn feeds my decent into a depression, and this credit card situation isn’t helping. 

At the start of the year, when i spoke to a loverly man about this at your offices, twice, i was told, by him, that i’ve been a great customer who always paid on time and usually more then i needed to. All i ask for now is time. Time to find work and put this problem right. Of that you have my word. If you choose to take it.

Over the last few months i have thought about breaking the law to make money, because thats just how bad i need to clear this card. As of yet, i have not.

Sorry for the length of this message but i felt i need to explain as much as i could. Weather or not you listen, agree, disagree or ignore it, is up to the reader(s).

Thank you.

Yours Sincerly

Jason Fisk

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