The film not the masterless Samurai’s of feudal Japan.
Thats the one i mean :D
Anyway, i’m sitting here at my computer a little bored when i decided to channel surf the movie channels to see if anything worth watching was on, and as usual, nothing worth watching was on, you pay a premium with Sky to receive these movie channels, theres like 20 of them, and there is rarely anything worth your time, sure the classic channels and film four sometimes give you a viable option, but the main Sky Movie channels, mostly all shit, mostly all the time.
Ronin was released in 1998, it cost $55 million to produce and earned the studio $240 million in revenue, WHAT THE FUCK, you mean an American film, with a good script, dialogue, acting and a good story actually earned nearly 6 times its production cost. Well stone me.
Why is it that when a film like this comes out, and does really fucking well at the box office, which lets face it means nothing with regards to weather a film/movie is actually any good, all it tells you is how many people went to see it and how much money it made. But its clear these days that the Hollywood studios don’t really care if the product is good or not, but only if it makes a lot of money.
Good film always make a decent amount of cost, weather it waits for the DVD/BR release or not. I don’t mind the usual summer blockbuster bullcrap, they usually have decent action scenes and as long as you don’t take them to seriously or think your going to see Gone with the fucking wind your in for an entertaining evening. Its just so much of this shit comes out every year you wonder if studio bosses are even listening to their audience and not just their bank balance.
Lest use an eMail conversation i had yesterday with a friend about Zombies. He sent me an eMail about ‘The Walking Dead’, he didn’t like it. I didn’t find it that bad, but my point is this, Zombies are now, the in things, we have Zombies coming out of our ears and the quality is just getting worse with every Zombie film, The Romero classics, are just that, Fucking Classics, and they shall always be Classics, not so much the more recent Romero Zombies film, but Night, Dawn and Day, fucking classics. WEre seeing them everywhere and i’m getting kind of bored with it, Shaun of the Dead could be the start of all this, a good Zombie based movie gets released and now everybody wants to be a fucking Zombie, arms raised head cocked to one side, glazed look in their eyes, walking slowly towards to grunting of croaking “braaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnssssss”.
Hollywood will always just vomit out what ever is popular because they know people will go see it, money money money. Its the Gordon Greco school of film making, only make what you know for sure people will want see. Lets pick another small, almost indie Robert DeNiro film ‘Insomnia’ underrated and yet another great performance not just by DeNIro but also by Robin Williams, who’s serious acting is always far better then his comedy acting.
Hollywood it would seem don’t like taking a chance on a new idea very often, but when they do, we see the kinds of films that should be coming out of Hollywood.
Yes, Hollywood makes more money then all other film industries. Yes Bollywood does make more movies the all other industries. But fuck tons of money and 800 movies a year do not mean your going to make a classic. look at Avatar, it will never be a classic, it’ll always remain as that movie thats on the tele around christmas and new years, it’ll be watched and forgotten, quickly. I’ve seen it once and since then i’ve had no interest is seeing it again. And everyone i now who has seen it and likes it always say the same thing when asked “What was so great about it” they always say “The CG was fucking awesome”. Yes, yes it was, the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) was outstanding, but CGI does not make a good movie/film, Toy Story 3 is a prime example of this, 100% CGI, but it also has and outstanding story, and interesting characters, that alone should tell your that that, is what makes a good movie/film and that is what will make it an all time classic. Toy Story (1,2,3) will live on as classic films do to the stories being told and the great characters. Not the great CGI. The same thing goes for 3D, and if you read my shit, you know how much i fucking hate 3D. But at least CGI serves a purpose in cinema. But CGI should never be the selling point of the movie and always go unnoticed.
So to recap. Films and movies should rely on good scripts, good characters, and a good story. And the big hollywood blockbusters should only ever be regarded as mindless entertainment and never be seen any other way and never try to be anything else, for they are just a fireworks display. look at the shiny shiny.

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