Is VLogging ever going to be a normal thing?
Will we see more and more people VLogging, not just on sites like Youtube but on the streets, are more and more people going to be walking around there neighbourhoods carrying and camera, holding it out in front of them.
Will it ever be socially acceptable to talk to your camera?
Who knows right, i figure that more people might do a kind of video diary, as that is a concept we’ve seen for a long time, we’re living in a time where almost every second is being documented and world happenings are being covered not by news crews anymore, but people who happened to be there when it happened, take the recent tsunami in Japan, all that data being gathered by normal, everyday people, who were caught in the middle of it, these kinds on happenings are no long being missed by scientists who get there to late to record data as it happened, the people with their phones, most of which record in HD now, and or video cameras again most all video cameras record in 1080 HD giving researchers unprecedented accesses to “on the spot” data.
Example, a friend in Japan, Josiah was in the middle of a Video chat when it happened, the technology we usually take for grainted these days as a matter of course is now becoming a scientific research tool, we record the happening, upload it to youtube with a useful tag, and all news networks and scientists have to do is enter a few tags into Google or Youtube to get flooded with data. Awesome.
Will we see more people making a Video Log of their day at work, or the weekend or their holidays, and i don’t just mean a family movie, i mean someone sitting in front of their computer for a few minutes talking to us, the world.
And, this is something that accrued to me while i was working security at Burberry, we have to give a verbal report of the Day or Night at the end of a shift, of course management never get to hear this, so why can’t this report be a Video Report or Log of that shift, this way the next shift will see and hear what went on in the previous shift and so can management, if they feel the need to watch it. In ten years will i sit down here and say “Personal Log, May 21st, 15:20 hours. So far the Rapture hasn’t happened, but your know, its the waiting thats going to kill me”.
Think about VLogging in this way, 7000 years ago, documents were on stone tablets, sometimes they broke and we didn’t get the full text. Then papyrus and paper a medium that better stands the test of time, but still, now, people of the future will be able to watch us, speaking to them from the past, History documented by millions of people all over the world, different perspectives and view points.

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