Books and Digital Paper…

I made a video today asking people what is the most important book they own.
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Now, this could mean many things, One person said the Dictionary is the most important book to Mankind, someone else said a treasured diary they wrote when they were nine years old. Its interesting to see what different people value as important when its something so random in life, like Books.
Personally i love books, like i say in the video, love the smell, to touch them i feel more connected to the words that way, I don’t own an eReader and, for now at least i don’t want one, not even the iPad, I find it hard reading large amounts of text on my computer screen let alone on an iPad or Kindle.

I think book are important, not for the same reasons they were 20 years ago before the internet became the worlds biggest library or Amazon the worlds largest book store, to read a book back then took effort, you had to go outside and look for it, which made the reading, and finishing all the more relevant, a true search for knowledge.

I hope that Books, Paper or hard back never die out, although i have no illusions that they will someday be gone, no more printing, everything will be digital.

Lets take a look at two other mediums, Music and Film. in the last 20 years both have become so much easier to create for the common man or woman.

First music. Back in the day when you bought an album or single you knew that someone else liked it, because other wise it wouldn’t have even been printed in the first place, but now, anyone can produce a single in their bedroom and with the power of the internet they can share it with anyone, even getting it sold in iTunes and Amazon.

Film. Kind of the same deal really, you had to write the film, then find the money, and the time to get it made, usually only if a hollywood studio liked the script, which is why modern classics are hard to come by. Now, Youtube is flooded with every tom dick and harry with a video camera, me included, who thinks they have what it takes to be a movie star or film maker, but if you step back and take a real look at this stuff, people like Niga Higa, Smosh, The Station, its all the same shit vomited out every month or so, they have the technical skills to throw clips together and add music, but then its not hard to learn that stuff, but the one thing they ALL lake, is the ability to tell a good, involving story, none of them can do that, their characters are 2 dimensional and the dialogue is best left out of this altogether. Their videos are on a level of entertainment of Nickelodeon but with swearing. Low attention span bullshit, but of course all their “Fans” love the stuff, and no one really give criticism, why? if you do your labeled a Hater or Troll.

My point is this, Books or the written word is second in story telling only to the spoken word. Once all or most books are digital, whats to stop everyone thinking they can write a book, i say this even though i’m trying to write one, but then i’m under no illusions on weather or not its going to be good, i might like but i might be the only one who does, i get that, but due to if genre, i can upload to fan sites and hopefully other can enjoy too.

But whats to stop those who think they can write the next War and Peace, i can se the future of books, becoming as easy to distribute as music and film is now, so all those future digital books store will be flooded with rubbish, blocking our view of the real books. I hope that when this happens, there is a digital bargain bin for those books so the real books can remain in sight and not get blurred by the bumf.

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