You’ve been Raptured…

Or not.
Sooo, someone somewhere figured out that the Rapture (Biblical shit) would came on the 21st of May 2011. That was yesterday, yet here i am, sitting at my Mac writing a blog for you to read. Or not as the case maybe.
I myself am an Atheist and the most important book i own is ‘On the Origin of Species‘ by Charles Darwin, not because i’m some kind of Evolutionist and follow Darwinism to the letter of that book, but because it gives me the best explanation of our world and how we got here, as does Physics which gives me the best explanation of how the universe works. The most popular phase uttered by scientists is “I/We don’t know“. Its true, they don’t have all the answers, but at least they are looking for them. And not just saying, “Well, i don’t know how it works, so God must of done it“.
In Science we have something called the Scientific Method (Which is a body of techniques for investigation phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge) and Peer review (which is a process of self-regulation by a professional or a process of evaluation involving qualified individuals within the relevant field) both of these processes mean that a Scientist can’t just publish whatever they like and have it be credible or acknowledged by their peers. Or us the amateur reader.
But it would seem that within the circles of Religion, if you find something new within the Bible or other religious texts, you can pretty much say whatever you like, when you like, i’m not even sure there is some kind of process a new find would need to go through.
Some guy “discovers” that the Rapture is coming, yesterday, and it isn’t sent out for verification by his peers, its just put out in the world, if the internet wasn’t around would we of even known about this, my guess is no, “The Internet gives everyone a voice” which, for the most part is a good thing, other times, like this, not so much. Surely this kind of Religious find, given that still 90% of the worlds population believe in something (A God) should be regulated, and verified before people start telling their children that the end is coming, lets not scare the crap out of idiots without at least the Leader of which ever Religion it is looking at the details of this find. All this does is further validate the fact that Religion is bogus. Sure lots of people find comfort in it and are “Good” people because of it. But i’m not and i consider myself to be a good person.
I need proof of something if i’m to believe it. Scientist look for proof. Religious people simply have Faith that God exists with zero proof. To me the Bible is no more real then Lord of the Rings, and i know which one i’d rather read.

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