Words and Language…

So a few days ago i made a video called ‘Books’ where i asked people to tell me what the most important book they own is. One such wise viewer of that video said “The Dictionary” although she did hold up the ‘Oxford American Dictionary’ and it might not really be my place to say but American’s, those living in the United States of America, don’t speak American, they speak English, some better then most, but still, its English. But thats besides the point, her reason was simple “WORDS” without which we couldn’t read or write. They do however spell Colour without the ‘U’ which would of course mean they can’t spell Colour.
I have been thinking about this for the last few days, Words, and the fact i have a book here beside me written by a man who is a lover of words and language, Master Stephen Fry, the book, The Fry Chronicles (Which is responsible for the Chronicles part to the Blogs Title).
There was a smaller book sitting next to it, a fiction related to a TV show i enjoy when its on the television, I was halfway through it at this point, or i was a month ago and just never really go around to finishing it, or any other book for that matter. I love books, and i’m not sure i could make the transition to reading from a digital screen a permanent thing, although i’m fully aware that at some point in the not to distant future, i might have to, which, when i think about it makes me sad, i can’t tell you exactly why it does, it just, does. Why should the medium matter as long as the words and language are there. I guess i like to hold the book, feel the pages, smell the pages, i know this all sounds very odd, that i seem to be fondling the book in some perverse way, i just like reading from a book rather then a monitor (Ironic as it may seem that your reading this from a monitor, because i put it there).
Anyway, i picked up the TV book and finished it in a sitting, which kind of makes me wonder why i didn’t finish reading it when i started a month ago, a few hours of reading and it was done. And so were my eyes, tired and a soar i couldn’t continue to read. And i have to admit, i was getting some what tired of the book, i’d rather watch the show, thanks. 
So today, after my daily ritual job search and online applications, sending off my completely underwhelming CV (Its no wonder i’m still looking) i made a cup of tea, and picked up The Fry Chronicles. Fry’s use of words, his intellect and his humour are all very apparent, and work brilliantly together. Seriously Fry needs to write more, maybe not so much about himself, although it is a good read, but maybe some fiction, just a thought.
I so enjoy reading this book that it compels me to write, again. I have an ambition to be a writer, weather thats screenplays or novels, i like to write, when i’m writing, but i clearly do not write nearly enough to get better at it. Reading Fry’s book just brings home the inability i have with words. I’m not trying to write something of any meaning or pomp, i’m not trying to be elevated above my social or educational standing, i just want to be taken seriously. No matter what i write weather it be drama, horror, thriller, script or novel i want readers to not only enjoy it, but enjoy my words and my language to which i would hope bring a certain credibility to what ever it is i’m writing, even if its a Star Trek Spy Thriller (Seriously).
This was written because Twitter was overcapacity. @Fiskyjay.

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