Fuck the Rapture…. Who’s gonna clear the floors…?

I have somehow found myself in a one sided verbal contract to clean the floors. Hoover and wash the wooden bits, every Wednesday………. Who knew, because i as sure as shit didn’t until earlier today when i was asked “Why didn’t you clean the floors“.
You see i live at home, and by home i mean the house i grew up in. Its not something i’m particularly happy with and would rather be else where, cleaning my own floors whenever i felt the need to do so knowing full well that if i forgot to do it one week the world would start spin on its axis at a slight 23% tilt (nerd) but i do get the impression that because i didn’t do it today something bad is going to happen, well thats how it felt when i was asked “Why didn’t you clean the floors“.
With regards to my mother, she has never asked me to do anything, ever. She tells or orders and in some cases Threatened, she’s a woman whom i have no love for, even though she brought me into this world i know that once i’m cleaning my own floors, my phone will never knowingly be connected to hers, in either direction, for i care not for what she is doing.
And example of my mother is needed for you.
Mum – “Yea, Jason is always borrowing lots of money from me and he never pays it back”
Having over heard this;
Me – “You what, when was the last time i borrowed money from you then?”
Mum – “Oh i don’t know”
Me – “It was about 4 months ago”
Mum – “Yeah”
Me – “And how much did i borrow from you”
Mum  – “I don’t know”
Me – “But your telling them (Her friends) that i borrow lots of money, well is was about 10 pounds”
Mum – “Ok”
Me – “And when did i pay that money back?”
Mum – “Pretty quickly actually”
Me – “Right, the following week, so don’t be telling your friends bullshit about me”
This could of thing happens a lot, i often wonder what else she has said about me when i’m not around to hear it and correct her on it. She’s one of these people that always feels the need to bullshit to be popular, or threaten to get what she wants, and as i live here for free i have to accept it but i can’t wait to have my own place, i’m want it so bad. But being unemployed and having a credit card company chasing me every fucking day means that even what i do start working i’m still stuck here under her thumb, and once i’m working i’ll be paying rent again, and still dealing with her bullshit.
More on her, I was paying £100 rent plus the Sky TV bill, about £130 maybe £140 each month, and as everyone back then was working my mother in her infinite wisdom decided to get a cleaner, this cleaner cost £30 for the month, I was paying £30 and my sister was paying £30, i was not told how much the cleaner cost, so my mother was getting £60 a month for a cleaner that cost £30, yes she was conning her own kids, nice. Anyway about a month after we stopped using this cleaner i was checking my pay slip and noticed that i was still paying for the cleaner, so the next day, when i remembered i asked “Didn’t you stop using that cleaner a month ago” to which she replied “Yea why?”, i said “Because i’m still paying you for it” and my mother in her normal grace replied with this “Its either you pay an extra £30 a month or you pay for the mortgage” and from that day on i was paying near £150 a month rent on the room i’d lived it my whole life. Now, don’t get me wrong, £150 rent a month is great, especially in the area i live in, i’m not complaining about paying rent, but i just hate the way she goes about getting me to pay it. Before i was made redundant from that job, i was paying £200 a month, and my mother would normally ask for it in her usually fashion “I need that money cause i’m going to Brent Cross on Saturday” Brent Cross is a shopping centre, or Mall if you prefer. It seemed that instead of my rent going to actually rent related items, i was just paying for her to shop, i would say that her paycheck, which was a damn sight bugger then mine was spent on “rent stuff” but she earned way more then enough to do that, and still have a substantial amount left over, but then we’d get tons of clothes delivered from catalogues every week. She’d blow all her money on clothes she never wore and i gave her money to continue once a month.
She seems to think that in order to get something from her kids, she need to con us or threaten us to get it.
“Do the floors” not “Can you” and sometimes she adds a “Please” at the end, but not in an asking way, more like its just added a a matter of course to make it seem like she’s asking “Do the floors, please” the ‘please’ always has an air of disappointment about it.
Its not wrong to assume that i have thought about simply killing the bitch, which i have, thought about.
You lend her money, she’ll give it back when she can, you borrow money from her, the next day she’s asking for it back.
Her whole life revolves around money, and in the past i’ve hated her, now i just don’t care, i tolerate her because i still live here.
I sound like some petulant child still in some angst, and maybe i am, but i’ll known this woman for 33 years and she never changes. And the older i get the more obvious it becomes.

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