Me old Mac…

It would seem my 5 years old iMac is becoming just a little asthmatic in its advanced years. And i’m sure there are plenty of hard nosed PC users out there, who think that an Apple Computer is an a front to computing, to them i say this;
I’ve only ever owned 2 Apple computers, my first was a Macbook Pro, which about a year ago i personally destroyed and my iMac which is now at least 5 years old. Before that i’ve owned countless PC’s using the Windows operating System of its time, 95, 2000 and XP being the only ones i actually recall, and all these computers were just a little blah to me, i never found it a pleasure to use them and if they died i never felt the need to get them fixed, i just threw them to the PC graveyard and bought a new one. I the first years of PC ownership and internet dial up connections i always bought a Desktop PC rather then the expensive Laptops, which back then were in the region of £1,500 unlike today, where you can pick one up for around £250, and sadly it would be far more powerful then my old £1,500 laptop. But then after my first laptop PC i never went back to a desktop computer.
I remember when o brought a brand new Compaq laptop, as soon as i plugged it into the internet i got a virus, which took forever to get rid of, and it was the fact i received 4 viruses in one month, this happened very shortly after my first visit to the Mac store on Regents street, London. The next day at work (A Saturday) i applied for a loan online and by the following Friday had a letter in the post telling me that the money would be in my bank on Saturday, 1 week to get a loan, the quickest one has ever reached my bank and the last loan i ever applied for. That Saturday i brought, what had to be the most pleasurable computing experience i’d ever had.
I turned it on and within 10 seconds was able to use it, i was astonished at just how fast it turned on, seriously, i figured it would take some time to get used to the operating system, which then was OS X Tiger, and what a joy it was to behold, easily the most stable OS i’ve ever used to this date, more so then the current Snow Leopard, i’m hoping the up coming Lion can bring back the stability of Tiger. Within only a few hours of tinkering i was surfing my new Macbook Pro with ease. I know its a cliche, but Mac are just easy to use, which i think is a soar point with PC nut-jobs.
I’m not saying that all PC users are nut-jobs of course but, like Mac users there are a small group of PC users that give the rest of them a bad name, you can distinguish them quiet easily because as you mention that you use a Mac, they scoff and throw you a look of Contempt, Anger and Disgust as if you spontaneously just turned before their very eyes into a Leper, why i have no idea, i used to be a die hard Mac fan boy and would never hear a bad word spoken about Macs or other Apple products, but now, i see it as the most useless of arguments “Which is best PC or Mac” who really gives a fuck honestly, why do you care what system i use.
Most of the things PC users would say is something like “You just don’t know how to use a PC properly” to which i say “What!” i can use a computer PC or Mac, but suddenly because i’m a Mac user i don’t know how to use a PC properly, i never really understood what this meant, i think it might be because i’m using a Mac i haven’t bothered to properly figure out how to use a Windows, as if it perplexed me so much that i bought a Mac instead because of its ease of use, so to PC users i think, only stupid people by Mac. ??????
The other thing i always get is, “You can’t upgrade a Mac” which isn’t strictly true but they are not as versatile shall we say as a PC, but then Mac don’t really need upgrading, sure they are expensive but why do you think that all designers and video editors use Macs? Why, i’ll tell you why, because they can handle the work load better then a PC of the same price. Even now they go on about how great Windows 7 is and the new i7 processors, which Mac use by the way.
I said once that which is Best doesn’t matter, what does matter though is which one better suits your needs. I was then told by a developer that “It does matter because i’m a developer and i can’t do my work on a Mac” to which i replied, “Ok so a PC running Windows better suits your needs.” which still doesn’t mean anything of course because he was one of the PC nut jobs.
At the end of the day i use a Mac because i find it a better experience using one then i ever did using Windows, i hate Microsoft and i love Apple, i’ll always now and for the rest of my life buy and use a Mac, they look better then any PC out there and, in my opinion they operate better then PC’s, i adore them and love using my Mac, but i can not stand people that waste their time arguing about which one is best, its a useless waste of time and energy that is put to better use being creative or productive else where.

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