Ode to British Telecom…

Your Cunts…
Seriously, i pay a fuck ton of money to you each and every month for your so called super fast optical broadband. Ok i’ll confess, it is pretty quick, i can upload a 500mb video to youtube in like 10 – 15 minutes.
But, each day, my connection to the world wide web cuts off and on again, this happens a lot each day, and its kind of annoying and then i get what happened tonight, it simply disconnected fro 2 hours, it is however usually 3 hours when this happens, and it does happen every few months. You say its maintenance, which is odd because when i had regular broadband with you, although it wasn’t very fast it was always on and working, but BT Infinity, is pissing me off.
If your going to do scheduled maintenance it would be nice to have a warning, you know that new eMail thing we all have these days, if i received an eMail telling me that my internet was going down due to maintenance i wouldn’t be doing something online at that time, but for someone who uses a lot of social media its really fucking pisses me off when my internet dies for NO GOOD REASON. And my nephews probably wouldn’t start gaming (XBox) online with their mates either, if they knew they’d get cut off.
For fuck sake you fucking cunts a fucking warning eMail, its easy and i give you wankers enough fucking money each month for that common courtesy.

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