Been Awhile…

Although i only have an excuse as far back as last Friday. When my iMac died. I dropped it and the hard drive failed.
I took it to the Apple Store in Covent Garden hoping that it would be something simple, like the Drive detected the droppage and shut itself down, but i wasn’t that lucky. It needed a new Hard Drive. So i ended up having to pay £172. Well the people i borrowed the money from had to pay, i’m still penniless remember. I took it in on Thursday and buy Saturday night i had received an eMail saying i could go pick it up.
So on Sunday early afternoon i did just that.
Now i’ve been doing a ‘Time Machine’ backup for over a year now and i did one mere hours before the hard drive went Kaput. So i wasn’t really worried about losing all my data.
But i didn’t want to do a full restore, i just wanted a little bit. So after a few hours of fucking about i ended up with a brand new 500GB Hard Drive with 450GB of free space and i couldn’t think of anything else to restore. So i had 300GB of shit on my iMac. THREE FUCKING HUNDRED GIGABYTES OF SHIT. thats a lot of shit. The iMac ran smoother and i was loving that. But…
I was having Application issues. First FInal Cut Express wouldn’t work without the serial number, so i couldn’t use that. Quicktime 7 was no longer the Pro version which sucked as i usually use it to ‘Stack’ (Edit) vlogs and my iTunes wanted to erase all the music and other Synced data from my iPhone, which would normally be fine, except i’d downloaded two Rammstein albums and would have lost them both, and i didn’t want that.
So i opted to just do the full system restore. All 400GB’s of it.
So late last night, around mid-night, i started it, then went to bed. and woke up this morning with only 40 minutes left to go, it had been restoring for about 10 hours at this time. Once it was finished i started to delete stuff, using MacKeeper to get rid of those invisible files at somehow always go unnoticed and stay on your machine, slowing it down. I managed to clear off around 250GB’s of shit. So i now have 350GB’s of free space.
And oddly, my iMac fills clean. Is that weird..?
Being able to see everything i don’t need, i was able to look at my folders and files objectively, seeing what i don’t actually need.
Anyway. Before last Friday i have no real reason for not writing a blog other then i had nothing to blog about.

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