750 Words Tuesday, 5 July 2011.

So. I’m going to try out this new writing exercise. Its called ‘750 Words’.
Yep, I have to write, no, I don’t have to write anything, but its a good way of getting people in the habit of writing every day. So I challenge myself to write 750 words a day. I don’t have to write about anything in particular, just as long as I write something. And of course I can write more then 750 words, but not less. So far, i’m at 85. Long way to go then.
Maybe a daily topic would be better. Or maybe writing this daily learning curve in the longest of hands I can muster in order to achieve my daily quota of seven hundred and fifty words. But I guess I would always feel like I’m spending more time writing less and just filling it up with words in order to reach my daily goal. But then I’m not completely beneath do that, because it does feel like cheating. I like to get things done quickly. So maybe I will try to write in long hand. And of course I am trying to write a book so long hand would be better for that but on the other hand I’m also trying to be a screenwriter, which means I need to get to the point rather then making to read 4 pages of action in order to cross a room. For a script, that wouldn’t be very good now would it.
Also I’ll be publishing these ‘750 Words’, things, on my Blogger page Head Trip Chronicles. If your reading this online the likely hood is that your already on that blogger page, other then that I’ll be filing them on my iMac with its shiny new Hard Drive, and also backing them up on one or two of my external back ups. I have serval.
Ok, I just added to this daily document the date to the header and the page number to the footer. Which I guess has added to the word count. So I’m going to discount them as standard, so ‘750 Words Tuesday, 5 July 2011, and the ‘1’ below has added 7 words the the count, so I’ll endeavor to reach a staggering 757 words, according the page count that ‘Pages’ is giving me. Pages is the native Apple word processor. And yes, its not only better to use the Microsoft Office Word, but also its better looking then Word.
So, is it to late to get on to a topic or should I just continue to drone on about this exercise?
Well, as my brian just went blank I guess I can write about something, like my iMac. Which last Friday sadly died. I would have started this exercise sooner if not for the death of my iMac, the iMac I’m typing on right now by the way. I heard about 750 words via Twitter on my iPhone, Yes yes yes I’m an Apple Fan boy, but I don’t get on sticky over the prospect of a new device or Operating System. So last Friday it dropped my Mac and the Hard Drive failed catastrophically and I pretty much lost everything on it. Good thing I had everything backed up then. I took it to the Apple Store in Covent Garden and asked/begged them to help me out, they did so by charging me £172 for a new hard drive, that was on Thursday, and by Saturday night I had received an eMail saying that it was ready for pick up. Good, that was quick, I took the money I had borrowed, because I’m unemployed and penniless, and on Sunday late afternoon I made my way in to London to collect my beloved iMac, the poor thing is 5 years old, the box actually says, ‘Comes with iLife06 pre-installed’, Right, the Pages I’m writing this with is iLife11.
So having Tubed, Bused and walked my iMac home safely I plugged it in and fired it up, and it start up ‘Bong’ was like a heavenly bell ringing. I’m not religious in anyway, its just a figure of speech. So I then started to restore all my old files and soon realised that I still had 450GB of free space on my new 500GB drive????? What the hell, before the ‘Incident’ I only had 100GB or there bouts, of free space, so where did I get 350gigs of free space from? Later that day, as many applications I use, or used were not working and I was having iTunes issues I came to the realization that I will in fact have to do a full system restore from my Time Machine back up. Something I didn’t want to do. It took pretty much all night to complete and the next day I set about deleting as much as I thought I didn’t need. I now have around 350gigs of free space. And my iMac is running a little quicker.
All around I love my “new” iMac. Again.
So in this first attempt of 750 Words I have reached, by this point anyway 858. Not bad at all.

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