750 Words Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day two, not that I’m counting…………….. But anyway lets get started shall we. I have my ‘cuppa’ tea and ‘James Mays Toy Stories’ (The Liverpool Bridge one) is on Dave, Dave being a channel on Sky, CH111.
Have you ever wondered how much time you waste watching Advertisements on the tele. Or for that matter how much time you waste watching the Tele in general. I would tell you how much time I waste but I’m to embarrassed.
I have just returned from a 6 mile round trip to the job centre, I walk it each time, a place I have to visit every other week to ‘Sign On’ and get help finding work, they give me a bunch of Jobs and I make the appropriate phone calls and send the appropriate eMails in the hope of gaining some gainful employment. I’ve been unemployed since September 17th, which every now and then gets me a little depressed, but I muster on and try to find things to occupy my immense free time. Hello. This 750 Words thing is helping to do that. Well I hope it does, I’m kind of hoping that it’ll become something that I do each and every day not because I receive an eMail nudging me to do so, but because I want to do it, like if I don’t I’ll feel like I’m missing something, you know?
Onwards and up wards, ? Ok, so writing projects. I have a few. So I’m trying to write screenplays, short and feature length, also I’m trying to write a book, a Sci-Fi Spy thriller. What? I love reading Robert Ludlum and I love Star Trek so I figured I combine the two. I have the first, of three, books, all planned out, and a treatment is completed, all I really need to do is write it. I’m hoping to get to at least 400 pages, but I guess it ends when it ends. As for screenplays I have years of idea, a little more then 30 in all, action adventure, Horror, Thriller. I have the tools to do all this. Pages (Apple Word Processor) for the treatments and “Novels” and Final Draft for the screenplays, so I have all the tools I need I just need to get in the habit of writing on a daily basis rather then whenever I can be bothered.
I guess I have no excuses for not writing while I’m unemployed because I have the time to do it but once I start working again, most likely in the security trade, I’ll stop arguing “I just don’t have the time” being that most security jobs are 12 hours shifts. During a day shift I’ll most likely not have the time nor a computer to write, but on a night shift, which is mostly sitting looking at computers so I’ll have, again, no real excuse not to write. Unless the boss complains. You see, Security Managers, who usually haven’t actually done any front line security, think that you can sit in a chair staring at a computer monitor and not get tired and bored and sleepy, even though I’ve sent Managers off to sleep on many night shifts, you see I get it, security is a thankless boring job, but the managers what you to love it, but how can you love something that is boring, I guess there are people out there who love their beige Volvo’s, but at least thats a thing, something tangible. If you would like to know what a security job is like, just do the following. Wake up at 5am, shit shower and shave, have some breakfast, then a 6am get on a bus (Now as your not going anywhere, travel for 30 minutes then get off, cross the street and get the same bus back you where you began. The idea is to spend an hour on a bus in the morning) Then, once your home make a cuppa tea or coffee, drink it quickly, like in 5 minutes, and then stand in front of your front door from 7am till 10:30, then have a 30 minutes brake (No TV or Computer, you can, if you have one use your phone, but without a WiFi connection) then at 11am stand in front of your front door again, until 13:00, then have an hours brake, you can either Sleep, go out for lunch, to a coffee shop, cafe or grab something from a supermarket and sit in your living room to eat it, again, with no TV, MP3 players come in very handy here. Then at 14:00 stand in front of your front door again, until 16:30, then take your last 30 minute brake, again no TV, then at 17:00 go back to your front door and stand there until 19:00, then get back on that bus for 30 minutes, get off, cross the street, get back on a bus and go home, you should get home around 20:00 (8pm) at which point you can do what you like, but remember, your up at 5am again the next morning, so early night. 6am to 8am, thats a 14 hours work day, with a 1 hours pre-work. Live is grand. You spend 15 hour each day in work related events, that gives you 9 hours left in your day, and don’t forget you need to sleep for at least 6 hours. You now have 3 hours to yourself each day you work.
This is why I hate the Security Industry, but its all I’m qualified to do.
Yeah, great.
Bye bye, see you tomorrow for more up beat writing by me *Smiley face* 

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