750 Words Friday, 8 July 2011

Ok, so what to write about today then.
Well last night I was in a very writey mood. I opened up my Short Film folder and started to finish up and rewrite some old projects that have gone neglected for nearly a year now, and I oded another one, thats makes 10 now. On top of the 30 or so feature film scripts I have laying around in my Mac’s shiny inners. I really need to get a move on with these things, and thats what I’m hoping doing this will help. Last night at around midnight I was in the mood to write, now thats to damn late to start, I don’t what to be up all night.
And of course on top of those projects I have a novel to write. How I’d like to get through all these is like this.
I’ll concentrate on the novel, it being the longest and most complex project I have and when, and I do mean when, I get a bout of writers block I’ll jump to another project, I always find that when I get writers block its usually only for the project I’m working on, so if I can work on something else I might as well do that. The Novel is all planned out and ready to write, and I’m pretty good and compartmentalizing my projects. At least this way I’ll get some script work done. Once the novel have a rough draft, I’ll shelf it and finish the script I’m on, plus another one, to hopefully remove any personal bias I have towards the novel, maybe I’ll throw a few short stories and short films in there as well. Then after all that I’ll read through the rough draft of the novel and and start my rewrites.
Of course I’ll need to do some rewrites on the scripts as well. Some people say, with regards to film screenplays, Rewrite rewrite rewrite, you can never rewrite enough. Bullshit. You could spend you whole life rewriting a scripts, not all your doing to wasting your own time. I’ve always only planned to do 6 rewrites;
1, Understandability (this includes, Grammar and Spelling)
2, Structure
3, Characters
4, Dialogue
5, Style
6, Polishing
Each time keeping in mind, the Characters, the Conflicts, the Action, the Plot, the Construction, the Content, the Practicalities and the Object of each Exercise.
I mean, if the screenplay ever gets made, then as the film is in production I or someone else will need to do rewrites, as the shape of the production changes so does the script, things like money and the “Producers” may effect the way the film turns out, even a pre-madonna actor might want more lines or to change lines and or action.
I guess the dream would be to have one of my screenplays made into a film, and for it to be good. And for my novel to get published and not be ignored. I mean its all well and good to sit here writing all day every day but to achieve nothing after all this work would be, pointless. No one wants to spend a large portion of their life being creative only to find that no one likes it except you, the author.
So, anyway, I’d love to be able to respond to the question “so what do you do for a living” with “I’m a writer” then be able to show a good body of work. Although I have to admin most of my work will most likely be thrillers. I just like them, like I said a few days ago, I love reading Robert Ludlum, who I guess is a big influence on what I want to write, its either that or Horror, I have a pretty sick mind for horror *Smiley face*.
Right I need a cuppa tea right now so I’ll finish up, I can’t believe that I haven’t broke 750 words yet, I usually get way past that when I’m ready to finish, but today I guess I just ran out of steam, so I’m going to ramble for a bit in order to break 750 so I apologies if the rest of this is a little incoherent. But thats your fault for reading this far hahaha, I jest of course, I love you all if you’ve gotten this far. If you haven’t then I guess I don’t need to finish because you’ll not see it anyway.
Have a day people, I have to go to the gym later to do some work on my legs.

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