750 Words Saturday, 9 July 2011

So the Mythbusters in on the tele and I’ve spent the last few hours on Google+, Finally I got in, I think its open to everyone now so if you’d like to add me to a ‘Circle’ add me here http://gplus.to/jayfisk 
Right now thats out of the way, I can get on. With what I have no idea, but lets just see what comes out of my brain.
I could write about the Gym, you think. Sure ok.
I visit a gym called ‘The Works Gym’ in High Barnet. Its not like an LA fitness or Virgin Active. Its like a proper “MANS” gym. All weights and weight machines, with lots of big bastards floating around. Ok there are treadmills, and rowing machines and cross-trainers, up stairs – 
Sorry I had a phone call from O2, my mobile carrier. About a month ago I called them up and asked if I could reduce my tariff as I’m unemployed and wanted to reduce my out goings, I was paying £47 a month for 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and 750mb of data. I reduced it to £36 a month, but then found that I had no data cellular network once I left a Wifi signal, I was puzzled, thinking that I might of somehow turned it off, I didn’t. I just spoke to a lovely woman named Lisa over at O2 and she told me that the tariff I was put onto has no data as part of the tariff, and I had to add it as a bolt on for a further £6 a month, taking my tariff price up to £42 a month, so I’d be saving only £5 from what I was on. I wasn’t very happy as you can probably imagine. Lisa, told me she could reduce my tariff further, to the £31 a month and add the data bolt on, so my monthly tariff would be £37, thats at least a £10 reduction from what it was.
Just thought I say it one more time. Muhahahahaha.
So, the Gym. This is how it goes, a friend, named Lee is training me, or more like we go to the gym together and train, but he is putting me through my paces.
On Mondays we do Chest (Heaviest push, 110kg. I weight 87kg or 192lbs or 13.7stone), Tri-Cepts and now Shoulders (We used to do shoulders on Fridays)
On Wednesdays we do Back, Bi-Cepts and Rear Deltoids (Shoulder muscle)
On Fridays its just Legs, we used to do our shoulders but decided that we just wanted to concentrate on legs, its hard work but a short session, which is good, and usually finish up with 10 minutes on a cross-trainer and or an abdominal workout.
I used to hate going to a gym, but this one I really like it. No one looks at you and smirks because your smaller, we have big guys who go to body building competitions and small skinny fellas, standing side by side. And most people there would help you out if you asked them for help. Its a great place to work out.
What do I think about while on a cross-trainer?
While running on the spot, I think that, I’m sweating because my body temperature is going up. My body temperature is going up because I’m using energy. Weather it be Glucose or Fat, your ‘Burning’ energy, and as you use it up that energy is transferred to heat or thermal energy, which raises your body temperature. So the more I sweat, the more energy I use. And is that energy used up quicker if its warmer rather then at room temperature? So if I wear more layers and make myself sweat more, can I use more energy?
Also, is the use of that energy localized to the area your working out. Example, if I do lots of sit-ups, isolate my abs and just do sit-ups, will I only use stored energy (Fat) in that area, or is it taken from the all over?
When you cut into a rear steak you get a juice called myoglobin, which is used to convert fat to energy for long prolonged muscle twitches. So if I do sit-ups in a controlled way trying only to use my abdominal muscles (Crunches) will that myoglobin in my abdominal muscles use the fat around my abs for energy? Meaning that if I want to loose fat around my gut, I should do lots of controlled well formed crunches and or full sit-ups.
It looks logical to me, of course if I’m right about any of this, maybe I should study more about Myoglobin, to be sure.
*Smiley Face*

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