750 Words Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Penguin, sure yeah ok ?????
I’ve mentioned this before, I’m writing this on my word processor ‘Pages’ I then copy and paste them to the 750 words website, which also means that my stats there aren’t exactly right, I’ve so far written 5 days worth in under a minute, but anyway, yesterday pages said that I had 800 words and 750 words said I had 781. Not sure where I lost 19 words.
So, what should I write about today. I don’t really have anything in my mind, but then isn’t that what this is all about, just writing from your subconscious, or rather a stream of consciousness, sit and type, see what comes out, assuming of course you can find that much to type about, in my case usually nothing. But there you go I guess.
Ok, so I joint Google+ yesterday, for those that have no idea what that is, its a social network, yes, yet another social network baying for you attention. It kind of looks like Facebook, if not a little more streamlined. The ‘Friends’ list is a little different, for one that call it Circles and they have 4 default circles, Friends (For people you actually know) Family (Self explanatory) Acquaintances (for those people you’ve only just met or friends of friend who insist on adding you even though you don’t actually know them) and of course Following (Like Twitter you can select to follow people) it’ll also see a creepy side, if people you don’t know, but you might have left a comment on something, and now they thing your friends, so add you to their Friend Circle. Yep they could be a little creepy.
Its not filled with so much junk, and right now, there are no ads which is always good. People hate having pages filled with advertising, because its either using bandwidth and slowing their connection down, its ugly, or they hate that Google is getting money because they went to their facebook page. People hate giving other people money for nothing. So I always hear about how annoying seeing ads everywhere is. Yet..
A lot of people in Britain would rather have advertising on the BBC then pay for a TV license. Now a TV license costs £145.50 a year (£49.00 if you still have a black and white TV) but oddly if your blind you only get a 50% deduction……
Wow, I just made a video for youtube that kinda went way off topic and lasted for about 25 minutes. Oops.
Do I care about ads on websites, not really, I have a very fast internet connection so they don’t really matter to me, well, the one over here anyway. I’ve visited a few American TV channel websites lately, and the ‘Pop up’ ads are really effing annoying. I’m not talking about the window pop ups that you can block, I mean when your reading something and an ad just blocks what your reading because your cursor strayed to far. I was on the ABC website once and an ad started up in the top right hand corner, it was loud and quiet annoying, and I couldn’t turn it off, I just had to wait for it to finish. Thats the could of advertising I effing hate. The ones that stand up and shut “LOOK AT ME!!1!” they don’t make we want to buy anything, in fact not only do they piss me off, that actually make me not want to buy that product because their ad pissed me off and interrupted what I wanted to do. They is good advertising an dbad advertising, bad in my book are the ads that interfere with daily life and or what we are doing. Ads on the Tele are expected, love it or hate it, you know they are coming. But the intrusive ads on some websites are just plain annoying and do exactly the opposite of what they are trying to do, sell me something.
Ok, I’ve ranted enough about that for now. So I’ll stop talking about adverts.
So, what now then?
Maybe I could talk about…….. 
Sorry, I got side tracked again, an email came in with a youtube link, about this News of the World phone tapping thing. One of the men involved in the phone taps was basically saying “why is it a problem”. Steve Coogan was there. And this guy, Paul McMullan, was saying thats its ok to use the press to sell yourself. I kind of think he got confused. Because how is Steve Coogan promoting a film or TV show the same as tapping someones phone to find out who they are sleeping with.
Every time I hear the words “Freedom of the press” when it comes to things like this, which is basically breaking the law. I want to vomit. I mean how could you be so naive, to think that you have a right to listen to peoples phone messages, what right does anyone have to listen to another persons private messages. Privacy is a basic human right and the “reporters”, and I use that term loosely, think that they can invade your life if they feel the public should know, they hide behind the misguided morality that they are helping people see the truth. That, if you are in the public eye, as an actor, football player, politician, or some TV bimbo, then as far as they are concerned. Your private life is forfeit. And ripe for the picking.
They say that they provide a service to the people of Britain. I say, you just want to sell news papers.

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