750 Words Monday, 11 July 2011

Sorry, but I’ve been putting this off in favour of social media/networks this morning.
But now that I’m finally here what shall we talk about today. Day 7.
Well, once this is finished and uploaded to 750words and blogger, then twitted and thrown onto Google+, yes I have a Google+ account, so far I prefer it to Facebook. Less bullshit for of a social network then a social hangout where I can ignore people and play flash games, then send out an invite to everyone in my friends list weather I think they’ll be interested or not. So I then have to block the game and all future invites. But there are so many of these game that I spend a good portion of my Facebook daily allowance blocking these games. Yes I give myself a daily allowance of time to spend in Facebook. And I can tell you, it isn’t very much time at all.
I used to spend so many hours in Facebook, IM’ing “chatting” I even dated someone on Facebook in real life for about a month back in June of 2008, she was nice, but money to here was everything. And it just isn’t to me. I spent so much time in there that It was taking over my life, so I made a conscious decision to stop using it all together for a few months. That was kind of like my Facebook cold turkey period. I now pop in, check on stuff and get out before anyone even knows i was in there. Mostly because of the dreaded “Old Friend Syndrome” yes, people that you used to know, maybe from school, that your happy you know longer see because they used to piss you off back then, but they find you on Facebook and now, if they catch you online, if they see that little green orb next to your name that don’t even hesitate to IM (Instant Message) you which you can happily ignore and say, “oops I didn’t see it”, or they send you a “Message” which you can’t ignore because Facebook will eMail you, also you get a little red indicator at the top of you page telling you that you have a message, you can’t escape it.
So I turned off all eMail notifications, I only see if I have a message or comments if I login to Facebook, which suits me fine. I watch a youtube video the other day, and the fella in it said that we should simply be honest in Facebook. If you receive a message from someone you don’t particularly like, just tell them “Hey dude, fuck off” and be done with it, I mean whats the worst there can do ‘Unfriend’ you, so what, at least then you won’t have to hind every time they come knocking on your door, running around the house turning off the light so they think your out. Maybe we should have just one day a year, where we are honest with ourselves about the “friends” we have in our Facebook friends list, and get rid of the bad rubbish. At least of Google+ you can create a “Circle” (I guess its the circle of friends thing, so you can separate different groups of friends) for the people that you are expected to have, like Family. This is a stream update I posted yesterday “ Every time I’m clicking on the different streams and see that the ‘Family’ stream is empty, its brings a smile to my face” thats not to say I hate my family, but I like that fact that I have a place, not unlike Facebook where I don’t have to deal with family bullshit and ‘Old Friend Syndrome’ anymore, its a proper social network where people can interact with each other without the rest of your family ever seeing it. Awesome-Freaking-Sauce.
Of course as Google+ opens up and becomes more popular, Its still in Beta test mode right now and I’m apart of that, family and old friends are going to find their way over there and start searching, most likely using their Facebook friend list as a search guide, ticking the name off as they go. I’ll be find and they well thrown me into a Circle so they can see my posts. Now there is nothing I can do about that, nothing at all, I could block them but thats not very polite is it, but the great thing about Google+ is, I don’t have to put them in my circles, so I don’t have to see their posts. This I like. This I like very much. They can satisfy they “Old Friend Syndrome” all they like and I never have to see their posts.
Of course the only problem is they can see mine, and comment, and send me messages. Bummer, so I guess, in order to keep Google+ a twat free zone, I’ll have to get tough, and use that ‘Block’ button.
I wonder if they’ll get a message saying that I’ve blocked them?
Oh well. Google+ shall be my Twat free zone.

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