750 Words Tuesday, 12 July 2011

So, day 8. Yayy :/
I’m not exactly sure what I should be talking about today. Maybe if I ignore todays 750 it might just go away.
Or not.
Ok, after a long pause I have come to the conclusion that I shall write todays post about the Evil Dead. Yes the movies. Which I’m going to have to rewatch at some time this week. For no real good reason other then I just want to. Because I love them. Evil Dead is, after all my most favorite of movies. Not sure why, but I just can’t bring myself to remove it from the top spot.
Anyway, I just read a Tweet and it seems that the Evil Dead remake is finally going to get made. A forth in the series but maybe a reboot for the franchise. Maybe.
Bruce Campbell himself said that the “Remake is on” and rumor has it that Sam Raimi’s editor is on his way to Detroit to start.
I used to hate the fact that a remake of one of my all time favorite movies might get a remake. Unless of course it was in the hands of those that made the original. Now nothing, as far as I can tell is showing up on the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB.com) but thats not to say its not in the works, I guess once Campbell’s responsibilities are done for season 5 of Burn Notice he’ll be on his way from sunny Florida to Detroit. Of course I’ll believe it when I see it. These rumors have been going around the internet for years and I’m not getting my hopes up.
But then, do I really want to see a remake of the Evil Dead?
Not really, I’d rather the original was just rereleased but if its going to get remade I’d rather it be remade by those that made the original. I’m repeating myself sorry.
One thing that I’ve never understood about the three pre-existing movies. And that is, why do people think that the second one is a remake of the first. Granted, that first 10 minutes are a remake, but they had no choice but to do that. You see Raimi wanted to do a recap of the first one, but he could figure out who had the rights. Back then he funded the film by asking anyone who he though might be interested in making a film, the rights then got bought and sold so many times as it was released in theaters and on VHS that it was a total mystery who had them, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just one person. So with no time to start a long and exhaustive search, Raimi just decided to re-do it. This is why, I think that people believe that the Evil Dead 2 is a remake of the first. When in fact after that 10 minutes everything that happens is new material. It always boggles my mind that even a friend of mine who is a big film fan, also believes this. I mean all you have to do is watch the film all the way through. So it might be what Raimi wanted to do in the first place but it wasn’t, was it.
It does however have a remarkable resemblance to a short film he made called “Within the Woods”. Which was a short 32 minutes film made with $1500.00 on a super 8mm camera just as a showcase to possible investors of what Raimi can do. “Just think, if I can do this with only $1500.00, imagine what I can do with a million. Raimi actually only got around $150,000.00. Which might be why he could make the Evil Dead that he wanted to. But we did get an incredible horror movie anyway (Scary for its time. People today are more desensitized to it). So when he was given the funding for the second film, he was able to really make the film he originally wanted to make.
How exactly does that make the second film a remake? I don’t see it, but maybe I’m weird. I think another reason why they do is that in an interview Raimi said that he had to remake the first film. And people believe he ment the whole film is a remake and not just the first 10 minutes, as I believe, which if you actually watch the film you will see it.
Ok, now I want to reread my Evil Dead Companion and Bruce Campbell’s autobiography both filled with information on the making of all three Evil Dead films.
Its amazing that I can sit here with nothing to say or talk about. Then out of the blue I read a tweet and that leads me into a monologue to fill out my daily 750 words.
Love the mind, and how it works. Just hope I have luck like that each day, unless of course I have something to say.
Good Fry.

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