750 Words Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Okay now I’ll really lost, I’ve been waiting a few hours for some inspiration so I could get todays 750 written up and I could make it 9 days in a row, but I fear that I’m at a loss for anything to write about. I could talk about my passions or my vices. Or that thing that everyone has, that one thing that you do not what anyone to know about. That you’d do any thing to stop from getting out into the world.
Actually I did write about this about a month ago, it was quiet long, and very honest. In fact is was so honest that I had to delete it, because if someone found it, well lets just say, I’d rather it not be found. So I deleted the file. Then a few weeks later my hard drive died, some kind of physical problem. And I now have a new shiny hard drive where that file never existed.
I just hope that the old one was either destroyed or if it was fixable, written over until the old data was lost forever. I live in hope.
But, having said that, I have been thinking about writing it again. Yea yea I know. Kinda sounds like I want it to be found. But the stuff I was writing was stuff that I’ve wanted to write about for years. Just not in public. You know, get it off my chest so to speak.
I may re-write it. I just need someplace secure for it to go.
Anyway. Now thats been said I’m lost again. I’m in writers limbo. Its not that I have writers block, I just have nothing to write about, except what I’m doing as I write this out.
Sorry I was playing around with Google+. I actually prefer it to Facebook. Facebook just has to much crap, like yesterday I must of hid and or blocked about 8 of those silly game, all invites from the same person. Its nothing special and I know I can delete them from my feed, but they just irritate me. Just hope Google+ doesn’t go down that road. But then I’ve already decided that, the people of Facebook that piss me off, and are only in my friend list because I “Know” them shall not be in any of my circles. They can follow me all they want, but if I don’t found you at all interesting, you won’t be in any circle of mine.
I just hope that Google+ doesn’t end up like Facebook.
I can see this post ending as soon as I reach that magically 750 words. For today it can’t come soon enough. I am literally fighting to reach that number. And now I’m only on 467.
Sorry for this utterly boring post.
I really need to write in long hand far more then I usually do. That would be far better, especially for posts like this one. Oh well.
Nearly there, not long now, just a third of the way to go. Geez I can’t wait to reach that 750th word.
I need a cuppa tea. Be right back…
Ok now I have a cuppa I have to focus on getting this done, I have other things to do today before I go to the Gym, that is if we go today, it might be tomorrow now as Lee, my Gym buddy, might not be able to go today. Yesterday was a great session and today its back and bi-cepts.
I just created a file and hid it in, what I think is secure enough to not be found. I hope.
I actually want to finish this off so I can get started of that ‘other’ file. I actually can’t stop thinking about it. Of course knowing that at some point I might simply delete it again. Is it weird knowing that you might delete a file you really want, need, to write. Not for everyone else to read, but so I can get things off my chest and on paper, so to speak.
I think I’ll write it the same way I write these, off the cuff as I sit here, not pre-planned as it was before. Just sit and write what ever is o my mind, get it out, you know?
Well it would seem I’m close to the end now, only a few more lines and today will be done and I can then write about……..

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