750 Words Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ok, so I guess I’ll kick today off by apologizing about yesterdays whiny post. It was just not a day to write off the cuff.
I did actually write that other piece and kind of proved to myself that if you have a passion for what your writing about you can easily get a lot done. You just seem to find the words. And yesterday I wrote 7 pages in this other file. I’m not going to go into detail about what its about, and don’t bother asking because your never going to know, because I’m never going to tell you.
I know now that having all the information about the subject is important, not just a small amount so you can “get a move on” and once you get started you can’t seem to stop. Yesterday it just seemed to fall out of me. I liked it and the subject I was writing about was very personal.
So on to other things.
For the last few night now I’ve been unable to sleep, I usually take awhile to drop off but lately its taking an age, feels like I’m laying in bed for hours. And as a consequence I’m rising late, today I awoke at just before 11am. I haven’t woke up that late in a long time and the fact I did it today made me a little angry with myself. I’ve lost 2 hours of my day. And most likely I won’t be tired when midnight rocks up on me tonight, even after a gym session. My energy levels seem to be out of sync with the rest of me. In the morning I’m a little lethargic, like the most of rest of the world and at night I’m wide awake, which is not like the rest of the world. It just gets going and doesn’t stop.
I few years ago I used to get up a 5am for work and literally would hit my alarm and jump out of bed wide awake. From unconscious to wide awake in under 2 seconds. I’d then be wide awake until midnight, where I wouldn’t actually be tired bed once I got into bed I’d be out like a light, My head would hit the pillow and slowly I’d drift off, then at 5am BAM I’m up. Its got to the point where I’d actually wake up 5 to 10 minutes before my alarm would go off. So yeah, I guess having a routine thats regular is a good thing. Being unemployed I don’t really have a reason to wake up early each day. Unless…
If I start giving myself a reason. The eMail notification I get to do this every day comes in around 9am. So why not just go to bed 8 hours before I want to wake up. So that would be around 1am. But then I have to admit I functioned better with only 6 hours sleep. So a 9 o’clock rise would be a 3am sleepy time. I guess what I could do is set my iPhone with a 6 hour 30 minute countdown with an alarm. Start it when I go to bed. Which is usually around 2am so I’d be woken up at 8:30am. A good time. I could get so much done in those hours I’m normally asleep.
The big problem is that I have no reason to wake up, like a job, so I tend to just sleep long hours, even once I’m up before 10am I’ll just turn over and go back to sleep. I really need to stop doing that and just get up once I wake. Tell you what. I’ve give that ago for a week, I’ll try to just get out of bed once I’ve woken up rather then just going back to sleep. Not sure how that’ll work out but I’ll give it ago. I’ve stuck to this for the last ten days and I’ve been going to the gyn for nearly 20 weeks now.
Sorry I got distracted and had to put a few people right on the internet. Just kidding of course. But seriously, they were wrong and I was right.

So, I’ll be trying to wake up after only six to six and a half hours of sleep. It would also help once I’m working again.
I just had a Deja Vu. But the terrorist attack that I then thwart didn’t happen, so I guess I’ll just sit here and wait for it.
Awaking up before 10am would always be a good thing. I’ll noticed in the past that if you get up early the day seems so much longer. And I always seem to get everything done before lunch, so I can then spend the rest of the day relaxing and either listening to music or reading or listening to music and reading while sitting in the sun (If its out that is, this is Blighty after all) drinking a cold beer.
Life. Is. What. You. Make. It.

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