750 Words Friday, 15 July 2011

My new Book came in the post today from Amazon. The book is ‘Kafka On The Shore’ written by “Haruki Murakami’ and the only reason I bought it was because of a woman named ‘ZombieGogo’ hahaha, yea I know, but don’t worry, its an Instagram username. Instgram being an iPhone Photography App. Anyway, every now and then she will post a picture of the book with a paragraph highlighted. Don’t worry its a eBook on her iPad.
Anyway she posted a picture a few days ago. And I found it easy to read and interesting, it was enough make me want to buy it. The language Murakami uses flowed nicely making it simple for me.
I’m not exactly a fast reader, if I were I’d have read more books, trust me. I do like to read, but I like to spend along time sitting reading not reading a bit then stopping then a bit more then stopping then a bit more. Once I get a good flow going I don’t like to stop especially if i’m loving the book, I hate doing that, I just want to read until its done.
I don’t really need a good reason to buy a book either, I bought Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Trilogy (Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum) and after I finished reading the last one I figured I’d like to read more from Ludlum, so I bought his entire back catalogue, all of them. And there are a lot. So don’t be surprised that if I like ‘Kafka On The Shore’ I might end up buying all of Murakami’s back catalogue.
Hold that thought I need to ‘Take Out The Bins’. Be right back.
Ok, bins done. The kitchen bit was a little ripe. It looked like someone has put some kind of food stuff and maybe a little fat in the bin without the bag, so for a few days at least it had been festering, nice smell too. So after clearing out the bags of trash I had to clean that out as well. But even that wasn’t as easy as it should have been. We have a garden hoes, like most people, my dad waters his grass every night once its in the houses shadow, so I changed the head from the spinning water dispenser to the water gun, I needed the pressure, now I’ve used this for year never with a problem, so I turn the tap and feel the water pressure build up, then the hoes comes off, it pops right out of the connector and when it does that the pressure forces it back towards me, so yes I get a the business end of the hoes strait at me, I get soaked, awesome, luckily its a nice sunny’ish day. I turn off the water and re-affix the hoes to the connecter then reattach it to the water gun. Then holding the gun away form me I turn on the water again, this time it does what its supposed to do. Nothing, until I press the trigger. So I wash the inside pouring out the diluted concoction at the bottom of the bin lining. Great smell.
I still have to hoover the floors and wash the laminate floors, I have such a great day ahead of me. I also need to make some adjustments to a shirt I wear to the gym.
Now I have nothing else to write about so I might just go down stairs and make a cuppa tea, and see what happens.
Right then nothing happened thats worth writing about so I figure I’ll embellish it.
I opened my door luckily missing the persona of Nurse Ratchet that is my Mother, she past just moments before, I move towards the stairs and as I descend I look into her bedroom, her back is to be, she might be getting my father pills ready, he’s poorly and she’s keeping an eye on him, I wonder if those pills are helping him at all, his condition hasn’t gotten any better since he started taking them,it hasn’t gotten any worse, in fact I think she gives him those pills to keep him ill. I get to the bottom of the stairs and notice that the floor does in fact need to be cleaned a job I intend to do after I’ve finished my writing assignment for today, unless Nurse Ratchet gives me other incentives to do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if my Dad disagreed with her on something and that how he ended up in his current condition. I feel the heat on the kettle, its recently boiled so I do’t need to give it a head start, because I need to check on something else first, I cross the kitchen and go out side through the back door. The sun out side is hot, not sweat making hot but nice and warm on my skin, a cool breeze moves past, it feels good, I check the bin lining that I put out in the garden earlier that morning, after I too out the trash I realised that something was living at the bottom and needed to be killed or it might take over the kitchen and that would smell, I washed the bin lining and left it out side to evaporate the water that was left inside. Its nearly all gone, I bend down to smell the interior, its not bad, not great mind, but not air fresh, I’ll leave it out a little longer, maybe until I’ve cleaned all the floors.
I go back into the kitchen and turn on the kettle, and because it was recently boiled it doesn’t take long before its ready, as I finish the pour I notice that there was just enough water, yet I’m always being told to refill the kettle if I think its nearly empty, yet no one else seems to follow along with that, I take the kettle to the sink to refill it, taking off the top of this kettle is always a risk, about a week ago I did so and hot boiling water squirted out and onto my face and arm, it was hot but I didn’t shout, as I would normally do, my dad was sleeping in the living room, and because of his condition I didn’t want to wake him, I just took a deep breath and continued. Since then however I tent to take off the lid by pushing it away from me in the hope that I don’t get a face full of boiled water. I slosh whats left at the bottom of the kettle around to get as much of the limescale as possible then tipping it out into the sink and refilling the now empty kettle.
That is my Cuppa Tea Adventure.

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