750 Words Saturday, 16 July 2011

Well isn’t today a special day…?
Well no it isn’t, its just Saturday…
And its really effing late in the day to be typing this up, sorry, but I’ve been out most of the day and once I got back I was busy with other things so couldn’t really get on this until now. 22:21 about 12 hours later then I usually start these things.
So maybe I should tell you want exactly I got up to today. 
I got up at 8:30, something that doesn’t happen very ofter these days I can tell you. I had set my alarm for 9am but wouldn’t you adam and eve it, I awoke before it went off. So I did my usual daily bullshit and was out the door just before 10:30 to met a friend by 11.
We then set our way out on the motorways of the South East to a place called ‘Dunstaball’ where a body building competition was going down, Lee didn’t want to go on his own so he offered to buy me a ticket. Its a weird state of affairs when your sitting in a theatre watching a bunch of men in tight speedos flexing at you. Of course some had the most vicious “Sun” tans. I personally think they used creosote because some of these guys were a very deep orange, but just fake tan orange, which is bad enough and there were lots of them, but they looked pale, literally, in comparison to the creosote guys. It just didn’t look natural, at all. One dude had jet black hair and the creosote “tan” but all it really did was make his eyes and teeth look almost illumines, freaky people. Also to me it looked like the utter darkness of their skin meant they lost definition. They just looked laughable.
Anyway, Lee wanted to go because a friend of his, a fella named Jim who trains at our Gym, The Works Gym, this dude is freaking HUGH. He was in a line up with about 12 other guys, but when he flexed his back, lats, which he did very slowly and in stages, the audience, and I mean everyone in the audience were laughing, not because it was funny or he was small, but because of the shear size of Jim’s back, the laugh was a “HOLY SHIT” kind of laugh. At this point myself and Lee had already decided that he’d won his class. Easily.
After the freak show they had to come out one at a time and Dance for the people, to music, and by dance I mean flex to music. Jim used the Terminator 2 theme. Yes he did. Once he was finished he actually got a standing ovation. Everyone stood up to clap and cheer as Jim left the stage.
So Jim took home the gold and then out came the Women, which to me, a women should never look like this, that not to say they should compete in these kind of competition, if thats what they want, thats ok, I’m saying that these three very fit woman would look far more attractive if they didn’t show so much muscle and veins, if they had just a little bit of body fat, like the normal healthy amount, they’d all look great, well to me anyway. After that there was going to be a short break from the competing to do a Bench Press contest, a 60kg weight was going to be set up and whom ever cold do the most reps would win £100, yep, just £100. I recon I could get about 20 out, maybe. The most I’ve benched is 110kg.
But before that was even set up me and Lee left, Lee had seen what he had come to see, Jim, and didn’t want to sit through the rest of the women’s competition, so we left.
How did this make me feel..?
I’ve been going to this gym for a little over 4 months now, and before I started I was just under 13stone. Now I’m 14stone (The basic and most used body weight measurement in the UK is in Stone. Google it) And I realize that I’d never want to be in one of these monkey dances. I do want a good looking body but I don’t want to have to go on a carb free diet for a month or two before a competition. You just don’t look healthy, muscles or not.
Give me muscles and the healthy amount of body fat (The Body Mass Index (BMI) no longer works for me) My BMI is 27.3 which technically means I’m overweight, which I’m not I just have more muscle mass, 2.7 more and I’ll be Obese. Lol. SO I no longer bother with it, I just weight myself once every few weeks, just to see how my body is doing, and I look in a mirror. I still need to loose some body fat in and around my gut.
Bye all.

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