750 Words Monday, 18 July 2011

Here we are agin my friends… Its later then usual again, it just passed 8pm. I only turn on my computer about an hour ago, been kinda doing stuff all day, then that its been an interesting day, I’ve just had other things to do, and even when it was all done, I still don’t really want to turn on my puter but here we are, again, day 14, in a row. Ok I’m just stalling here I have something I want to try out today. 8 paragraphs each holding 100 words, except the last one, that only gets fifty.
Second paragraph, words 101 to 200, or at least thats the plan. So yesterday I was told by Lee, my mate and gym buddy, that we weren’t going to the gym today, but on Tuesday in stead. So this morning at 12pm I made my way to the gym. Where we saw Jim, the gym guy who managed to win three trophies. His class, Overall winner and biggest arms, it was called ‘Gunslinger’ yes the trophy  was a dude holding up two guns across his chest. Bit corny but it did look pretty cool at the same time. Any way.
While at the gym, during our bench press workout, I happened to drop a 20kg weight on my big toe, it didn’t drop straight down, I put it down and it kind of rolled around and landed on my toe, and yes it really effing hurt. It doesn’t hurt now, but my toe nail is a little grey looking. I may have killed it. It hurts when I walk, but I’m good with that it could have been worse, right? It wasn’t a bad workout today, hard work, but then it always is, I like going to this gym, really.
Paragraph four, I record two hours of the Mythbusters every Monday to Friday, I like the show sure, but I record it not because I like it, but because they is never usually anything on worth watching, and I like to just put it on and ignore it. Just I record it on my Sky+ and when I play it, I sit and ignore it. I’d rather have something on then nothing on at all. Weird, maybe but Its just what I’ve done for as long as I can remember. Maybe a change of scene is needed here.
So, Rain, I live in London. For you under achievers thats in England. In Europe. Anyway, if it rains a lot my TV signal dies. I get my TV from Sky. Which is a British company, so you’d think that they would make sure that it works properly when it rains. But no, so like today when it rain really hard, my TV signal all but died, And I had zero TV. This was before I turned on my computer. I really hate sky tv but there really isn’t anything else worth the money for the channels I get. I hate Sky.
What would I rather be doing other then watching the TV or using my computer. I’d rather be reading a book, but I can never ‘get in the mood’ to read, which bugs the hell out of me, because once I start reading I usually can’t stop until I finish the book. I’m not the quickest reader, but I’m not slow either. I wish I could just get my lazy ass to just read more, its not like I don’t have a bazillion books to read either. I have tons of them. I started one yesterday but as I’ve been busy today haven’t touched.
One and a half paragraphs left to go. This is pretty cool, I’ve been able to get either dead on one hundred words per paragraph or within a few words. My knees ache, not sure why but they do, and, I’m not sure why I even mentioned it here. One hundred words doesn’t look like much now does it. With I knew this in school, then writing those 500 word essays wouldn’t have seemed so daunting. Well maybe I should have just done them anyway. My bad. Also, I should have listened in school.
Last paragraph and its only half a one, kinda, so long as one hundred words is regarded as one paragraphs. Should I really just stop at 750 words. Like meet the minimum amount required. Why do I care? Actually I don’t, I just don;t want to cheat myself I guess, nothing worse then cheating on yourself.

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