750 Words Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ok, I’ve been putting this off all morning, and yes unlike my last two postings this one has been started before 3pm. I have my iTunes playing, right now ‘Show me how to live’ by Audioslave.
And so on to a more important subject. Me ;P
So every morning I wake up and just before I pull my top down over my gut I take a quick look at it and every morning it seems flatter then it does the night before. Not sure how that it but I do have a theory.
I guess the fat that lives in my gut, its been there so long now I really should start charging ti rent, anyway I guess it digs deeper in, spreading out over my insides as I sleep and once I wake up it all move back down to give me that belly I hate so much.
Of course it this were true the fat inside us would have to be a new to move liquid, which we all know it isn’t. Or is it?
I know that as I loose fat, the cells themselves do not just disappear. Fat cells are like balloons, they inflate to store fat and when you use up that fat as a source of energy they deflate, but always remain. If I have 58 billion fat cells now, with my belly the way it is. Once I loose that belly and have a flat stomach I’ll still have 58 billion fat cells they will just be, empty. Only storing enough energy to keep me moving around in my daily life. Fact is we need fat, if you had 0% fat you’d never have the energy to do anything.
I have come to realise that if I want to burn the fat around and inside my gut quicker then I need to exercise that area, I could run or use a cross trainer but that will take longer. I want to get rid of it ASAP. So if I do my sit ups every day, start off quickly, for the first few sets and make the last set slowly and controls, as my muscles contract slower the energy they need to go on will have to come from the fat and not the glucose. Slow twitch muscles burn fat first, and with ample fat reserves around my gut, if it did this each and every day, which was my plan, I’d most likely start to see results week by week.
A friend thinks that all you need to do to get a lat stomach is eat the right diet, and he’s right, but that way your’ll only get that flat stomach once your body has eaten all the fat, so your fat intake has to be less then your fat intake. Of course doing that purely by eating low fat food will take longer then exercising that area and forcing your body to use that fat as energy. So eating the right food so not to add to much fatty tissue to your gut plus exercising your gut which uses up energy in that area equals and much larger fat off set. You’ll be using far more fat then your taking in via food. Meaning that your stomach will decrease much faster.
Simply doing three sets of fifteen each day will do.
Every time I do a hard abdominal workout I notice a subtle difference a few days later. Only because I’m very familiar with my gut.
Honestly what you want is to have the training aches afterwards. Thats a good indication that you’ve had a great workout, especially if you want to build muscle. If you just want a six pack then crunches are enough. But personally a six pack just isn’t enough, if I’m going to have a flat stomach with good abs I need them to be strong abs. Because strong abs equals a strong core, this also means you’ll need to workout your lower back area, all this will mean that there we’ll be less chance of you throwing your back out in your later years. If you keep your core strong that is.
Oddly doing things like dead lifts will teach you not only your lifting limits but how to lift properly.
I used to hurt my back muscles a lot just getting up from the couch before I started my gym sessions, but I haven’t since I started, which tells me that my back muscles are a lot stronger now then they were.
So, going to a gym is mostly about vanity, and if anyone at a gym says any different I think they’re deluding themselves. Not that thats the only reason but it is always a part of it, maybe not to begin with but it always ends up that way. You might start going to a gym simply because you want to get fit, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, thats way I started, but as you start to loose fat and gain muscle you start to see a difference in the mirror and you start to spend a lot of gym time looking in that mirror at yourself. And you might think “Well I could do with evening out my tri-cepts to really fill out my arms” now going to a gym is about getting that perfect shape, your already fitter, now its about shape, you want to walk on a beach wearing, not very much and not be self conscious, on the contrary you’ll want people look at you.
If you do end up like this, don’t beat yourself up over it, its natural, its human nature. But remember this, do your leg work outs as well, having a build upper body is great and all but having that and legs like tooth picks just looks wrong. Case in point, this big ass black dude at my gym, his upper body is massive but his legs are smaller then mine. Its like turning a beer bottle upside down. And that why I spend one day a week just working on my legs.

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