750 Words Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Good god my muscles ache.
I had a 6 mile round trip to the job centre again this morning, and this afternoon I had a back, bi-cepts and abs workout. Apart from the aching I feel pretty good, which is becoming the usual thing after a workout, I used to leave the gym feeling a little crappy and tired now, now I leave that place feeling stronger, a little drained of energy but stronger. Of course I then drink a Whey Protein shake (In water not milk) as soon as I finish the workout, in fact before I leave the place then again once I get home about 30 to 40 minutes later. Then about an hour after that I treat myself to some meat protein, todays it was a steak, and just to get a little energy back I had it with rice. I like rice. Is it wrong that I add brown sauce, of the HP variety, with the rice. What! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Its awesome. Of course I have it with Pilau rice, yellow in colour. I would try it with egg fried, but I’ve learned to hate egg fried rice. Just tastes like shit to me now.
And so Google+ carries on, in an invite only way, not sure when its going to open its doors, but right now, and I just checked this out, I can only upload 1024mb of images to G+. Google uses its own Picasa, a site to upload and store pictures, as its Google+ image store place, and I only have 1024mb. I wonder it at some point they’ll lets up link Flickr to our G+ accounts, because I have unlimited space for pictures on Flickr. That would be nice. Also I’m hoping that the next time they update the site I’m hoping I can link my Youtube channel as well.
Oddly, you’d think you could already do that, both being owned my Google and all. If you want to post a video in the Streams, its really easy, just copy and paste the URL of the video. You can also get a video from your youtube channel. But on your own profile under the videos tap, you can’t. You have to upload a video instead. And even then its on youtube, being that the video viewer is a Youtube viewer. Confusing. What is Google+ doing. You’d think that when someone said “Yea lets add a videos tab to the profiles” someone else should have said “Cool, and we can let people link their youtube channels, if they have one” “Cool idea yea” But no, I guess that conversation never happened.
I keep going on about Google+ and the Gym. Sorry about that. But be warned it may continue, if I have nothing else to write about. But then isn’t this what 750 words is all about, right?
Okay now I have nothing…
As tomorrow is a Thursday, and I have no appointments, and no Gym, unless Lee calls and wants to go, in which case I shall don my gym stuff and jump on a bus. I like going to the gym :)  Do you know what the word Gymnasium means, well its etymology, it means ‘Workout Naked’ them zany Greeks. Also, the first ever Olympic medal was given to a naked chef. Seriously a chef won the first ever Olympic medal, there was only one race, I believe it was 120 meters, and all runners were naked. Again, them zany Greeks.
Sorry got a little off topic there, as I have nothing to do tomorrow after my usual morning bull crap. I guess I can go back to my new book, which has only had one sitting so far, I’ve been slacking on the reading folks, sorry again. But tomorrow I shall endeavor to read as much as I can, hopefully to a point where I don’t want to stop, because then the only thing that stops me reading is no light, sun light that is, I hate reading under the artificial stuff. It hurts my eyes.
I hate adverts that display old people behaving like young people. Sorry, but I just hate seeing it.
And now I’m lost again….
My sister (CRS = Skin and Blister) bought me a £15 iTunes voucher a few days agin, as I ‘m unemployed she treated me :) and I bought two Rammstein albums and the new single by Blink-182, which I’m listening to right now. Its as if they never broke up 6 years ago. New album out soon I hope, it sounds good. Waiting to see if they’ve matured at all..?
As for Rammstein, I just like the heavy german tones, they call it New German Hardness. Yea I’d agree with that.
Times up folks, laters.

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