Mac Vs PC. 750 Words Thursday, 21 July 2011.

I forgot all about you, sorry.

Before I start down this road I just want to say right now that I think the argument as to which is best Mac or PC (Windows) is ridicules. You just use which ever system best suits your needs and ignore all the Mac fan boys and PC lovers.

So. I posted a joke photo of my Gym mixer cup last night on Google+. Its a normal £3 mixer cup I just put an Apple sticker on it. For no really reason I just thought it would be funny. This is a response I got;

iThinkiWanttovomit! In what ways won’t Apple fanbois embarrass themselves in order to show how fanatically brain dead they can be? “Yes Master Steve, iZombie #149384 will now spend $50 on $2 cup because it have Apple logo on it!” YEESH! Jason…. SLAP! Snap out of it man! It’s a friggin’ computer! It isn’t even a GOOD computer! COME BACK TO US MAN!!! There’s still hope! Here, sniff this, yes, that’s a big pile of software you can’t run on a Mac, sniff it again, come back to us! Here, look, a second mouse button! Look, even more mouse buttons! See? Computers with 10 times the processing power, discrete graphics, twice the memory and larger hard drives at a tenth the price, you remember those don’tcha? Yeah! You can be saved! I know it!”

Now it could just be a joke or he could be serious it doesn’t really matter. Because what it details is a typical response in the argument of Mac Vs PC. The guy who wrote it is a friend and we have crossed swords on this topic before and I do believe this is just a joke.

But like I said its a typical response. Why does it matter if I use a Apple Macintosh computer over a PC and why should it matter to me weather someone uses a Windows based PC over an Apple? The Answer it fucking does matter, it never did, the only people that actually care about this are those small minded fools who thing that its an argument that actually matters.

A friend of mine, incidentally the guy who got me into Mac’s in the first place, thinks that this is an important discussion/argument. I for the life of me I can’t figure out why that is or why he even cares so much about it.

True enough at first I was in the Mac Fan Boy corner defending Mac’s to the death, but later came the enlightened reasoning that it simply doesn’t matter who uses what, both have their merits and if you can’t deal with that you really need to get out more, there are far more important things in life the Mac Vs PC, seriously people. GET OVER IT, Mac nut jobs and PC pricks both. Get the fuck over it. Cause I don’t care.

I’ve been using a Mac for about 5 years now and I’ve never had the troubles or issues I’ve had with PC’s. I’m told that I need to learn how to use a PC properly…? What the fuck people, I just want to use a computer not go to school. I just don’t care weather you like Mac or not, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

But what I am getting sick of is that as soon as some posts something on a social network about either a Mac or a PC some prick stands up and points, then laughs, and shouts “You should have bought a Mac/PC” trust me all these people are the same, tired old sexually repressed numpties. Ignore them all.

Personally I would rather not have that crap following me where ever I go. And now something new has entered the fold. The Google Android mobile operating system. When ever Apple does something wrong with either the iPhone or the iOS you can be sure there will be an Android user, creeping out from behind a dark corner, ready  to pounce screaming about how awesome the Android is that you made a mistake in going with the iPhone.

These people really irk me, seriously, get a FUCKING LIFE and please fuck the fuck off.

The next personal to stand in front of me while I’m checking my eMails and say “iPhone, pfft you should have gotten an Android mate” is going to get fucking decked.

To all you people out there, Mac users. PC users. Android and iPhone users. Grow the fuck up you dumb a fuck cunts. It means nothings.

And besides, you will only ever know for sure which is best between Mac and PC once neither is being used and we have something new. We can then look back in hindsight and judge which is best.

And I’d bet that which ever one looses that pathetic argument. The people that used the other thing will say, “You have wasted you life hahaha” to them I say, seriously, if you actually still care about this, FUCK OFF and get a life.

I’m sick of this bullshit.

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