Veggies. 750 Words Friday, 22 July 2011.

Before I get into this I just want to say that I have nothing against vegetarians.


I like to eat meat, you don’t. Wheres the problem.

I will always eat meat, no matter how much you pester me to stop, not matter how much Vegan propaganda you show me. I will always eat meat.

I eat Meat because I like the taste. Not just of the meat, but also the myoglobin. That would be the juice that comes out when you cut into a rare steak. Mmmmmm Steeaaaaak I love steak and roast chicken. Tender roast chicken, where the meat just falls of the bone.

I’m making myself hungry and getting off topic, sorry.

I guess my question is, if vegetarians hate meat so much, why do they make their meat substitute in the form of meat products, like veggie burgers or veggie hot dogs. I even saw something shaped in the form an an entire turkey. Why. If eating meat is so bad why on earth would you make your substitute in the form of a freaking turkey. BUY A FUCKING TURKEY, a real one.

I guess as an omnivore I’ll never understand the mentality of the vegetarian and or vegan, people who shape something to look like a meat product. It makes no sense to me. Surely it can’t be in order to “fit in” because I always thought that veggies and vegans were proud to be veggies and vegans, so why, I ask you, Why shape it like a turkey. Tofukey, seriously give me a brake. Besides Tofu tastes like week old grease scrapped off the bottom frying pan.

To any vegetarians who I date in the future, like I said I have nothing against them, but if I want meat, I’m going to eat meat, like it or not, we can go out to a veggie restaurant, and you can cook me veggie foods, I like to eat healthy foods, but after a workout in the gym, after my two whey proteins shakes. I’m eating a freaking steak and or roast chicken. And if I want a bacon sandwich or a sausage sandwich, or a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich I’m going to have one. I will never end a relationship because your a vegetarian. Why, because I’ll always respect your decision to be, a vegetarian.

I think a visit to the chippy is in order, I was going to go last night, but, I’ll to lazy. I’ll go as soon as I’ve finished with this.

So, let me ask you, and this is hypothetical by the way. If I was dumped by a vegetarian because I refused to stop eating meat. Even though I never once tried to get her to eat meat. Does that make me a better person?

I guess I came up with this blog for a few reasons, one being a TV show I watched yesterday where this guy gave up eating meat because his girlfriend was a veggie, but would sneak a quick burger when ever he could, and once she found out, the relationship was over. And I watched a youtube video earlier, the tuber is a veggie and always expresses that eating meat is wrong, when ever she sees someone eating meat. I used to like this bird, but lately, she just spends more time annoying me then entertaining me. Its sad really that I keep watching them, but she is cute, annoying but cute.

Oh may good, I’m so far away from 750 words. Damn it. Why can’t I say what I really mean..?

How about the next time someone tells me that eating meat is wrong I simply say, loud enough for everyone to hear “FUCK OFF!!1!”.

Ramble ramble ramble.

I just tried to get three words they, sorry guys.

I’m bored. I can’t imagine how bored you are reading this. I would say sorry, but I just can’t be bothered.

Now I’m just writing crap to fill out the rest.

I may need a bag of chips, and a few cans of gut rod (Diet Coke) I know I know I should be drinking water instead of diet coke but I really do like the taste. And the fizzy. Shut up!

Geez, will I ever actually reach 750 words, I don’t think I’ve had this much trouble reaching 750 words before, I hate it.

Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks Bullocks.

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