Amy Winehouse. 750 Words Saturday, 23 July 2011

So. I had a few donuts. And Any Winehouse died.

I had a few donuts. Oh and Amy Winehouse died.

So, this blog shall be written as the day moves on.

And right now I’m watching the extra features on my ‘Back to the Future’ Blu-Ray. I love this film and learning about its making is fascinating. Nerdy but fascinating. I’m also eating donuts, glazed and chocolate icing (frosting).

And also if you are reading this on wordpress I think I need to redo the header.

Went down stairs and had a some banter with my Sisters kids, they’re about 16 now and would weigh about 7 stone wet (98lbs) but have big mouths and are good for a laugh.

For some reason my brain won’t engage properly today, sorry guys.

Sometime later….

Amy Winehouse died. Oh well… Moving on.

I mean lets face it, this is a long time coming, sure its sad that a great talent has died, and so young, only 27, like Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix and Janice Joplin, but honestly, are you surprised, I mean at all. I haven’t seen the details of her death yet, like how it happened, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be drug related. I’ve dealt with a lot of people who not only use drugs like Heroin but also sell it, I was in the Prison service for a time and every day I’d see more of these people, every now and then you’d see one that actually wanted to quit, and after a few verbal slaps to the face they give you the impression that they might actually try to quit. I remember one woman who actually walked into a court house and demanded to go to prison, she hadn’t actually done anything, she just wanted in because its drug rehab was better then most drug rehabs outside of prison.

What I’m getting at is Winehouse’s death is most likely self inflicted and even though its sad, why on earth should I care, there are others out there who are addicted to drugs and are willing to go to prison to if it’ll help them get free of it. Sure every bodies addiction is different because we all have a different reaction to stimuli, and a lot of them think that they have a handle on it and can quit when ever they can. So when the whole world, family and friends, want you to quit doing drugs, and the only person who wants you to continue is your dealer, you should really take a step back and look at your self, sober.

I guess I’m trying to say that, why should I have sympathy for someone who basically killed herself. Was her public displays of bewilderment really a call for help, why not just say “Help me” but when your boyfriend, which ever one it is/was now is also a druggie, I guess it could be more difficult because your not seeing something or your distracted from seeing it.

What I mean is the one emotion that drug users, especially those on heroin, have no trouble seeing in others, and thats shame. If she wasn’t so distracted or out of it on drugs and or booze all the time she might have seen the shame on pretty much every one she mets face. Knowing that everyone around her looks at her with shame and pity she might have, one day looked at her self and thought “What the fuck am I doing to myself”.

Of course we live in the days of instant news, and most people will believe everything that read online, like when some idiot posted on Twitter that Jeff Goldblum was died, the internet basically exploded. I was on Google+ when I saw the first posting of Winehouse’s death, and the second comment was “Guessing this is a hack since no one else is reporting it? Plus the article looks terrible.” The article was on the DailyMail website, I hadn’t yet seen it reported anywhere else, a few moments later it appeared on Twitter by Sky News then BBC news 24, I guess making it ‘Official’. But even I thought it was a fake.

The speed it which you can get information out into the world now is almost at the speed of light or rather at the speed of thought, all it takes is to click ‘Send’ or ‘Tweet’ and the whole world has access to your “News” and if it goes viral more people will see it, and if enough people re-send or re-tweet that lie, it starts to gain validity and more and more people start to believe it.

Internet 101: Never believe anything you read online if its from Joe Bloggs or John Doe.

And if its a real event, like the tsunami in Japan, you’ll be getting not only tweets and facebook status updates, but pictures and video, plus the news networks will be on it faster then bacteria on shit. Remember, news networks have ways to verify news in ways you don’t. If you see something on a social network, and your wondering if its real news or not, do what I do, and google it. Less then an hour after the first report of her death and the first google hit is ‘Amy Winehouse 1983-2011’ and the hosting site is the

Anyway, to end this, Amy Winehouse is dead. Meh.

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