I’m new here on Wordpress.


So, i joined WordPress yesterday. And no i didn’t write all my blogs in just one day, its a lot of blogs written over a long period of time and simply imported in from Blogger. Cause i’m lazy. Deal with it.

Anywhoo, i was wondering if there was anyway i could get noticed here, to get more people reading my brain vomit?

And why can’t i put my text in Justified rather the Left, Centre, Right. I prefer Justified, its just how i roll YO. Blogger lets me do it, or do i have to go into the HTML code and do it in there. Great that means i have to figure that out.

Okay i just tried and it didn’t work, some HTML code you have here, grrrrr, wait maybe i could just copy and past the HTML code from Blogger and just do it that way…….. I did mention that i’m lazy, right.

Yea so i’m not gonna be doing that, i like things online to be quick and easy, Get in, and get the fuck out, soon as.

Also as i post this on my Google+, i’ll need to ad a picture on every post, just so i have a decent picture in the G+ link. Wait…. did i say “decent” yea my bad. Just a picture, of me, at the time i wrote the blog.

Every day i do a writing exercise called, simple ‘750 words’. And guess what i have to do, yep, write 750 words. And i just noticed that i have a word count here too. Huh. Anyway, i do tend to ramble a bit, go off topic and rant, but i’m sure you’ll get used to that, who knows it might be funny, i’m not making any promises mind, just saying. Reading m blogs could in fact be a complete waste of your time. I hope not, but it could be :D

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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