(Written for Google+)
So, here we are again, ignore the title i was just trying to grab your attention.But seriously i’m in the market of a job, pretty much anything not to demeaning to a 34 year old man, i’m computer savvy on both Mac and PC as i have a Mac at home and have always used PC’s at work, so i can navigate my way around the Gooey  (GUI) on both machines, i know my way around MS Office pretty well and of course i use iWorks at home. I’m pretty savvy on Social networks, as you can see, look, i’m typing on a new, not yet public social network. I use Final Cut Express/Pro a lot, you’d have to see my Fisk FIlm youtube channel for that stuff, the link is in my profile. I’m also looking to learn as much as i can about Adobe After Effects and i use Photoshop a lot too. I also VLog (Video Log) but you might not want to see those, ummm there is no link to my VLogs in my profile (Anymore)

Am i being a little to needy asking for a job here? No, okie dokie.

I have common sense and work well under pressure, i don’t freak out when the lights go out for instance, or if someone gets stuck in a glass lift (Elevator) on the outside of a building on a sunny day. I just get on with getting them out safely without breaking to many health and safety rules and regulations. That brings back so many bad memories.

That was a joke, you see i have a sense of humour as well. I know thats not exactly what most companies are looking for these days, they just want drones who will just do what the manager says weather it makes sense or not, and doesn’t question management when it doesn’t. I can do that. For a few months anyway, but then it’ll just be to much and i’ll have to start speaking my mind, i’m polite about calling a manager on stupid decisions, but after about a year of that, i’ll just came out with it “Dude, you sir are an idiot, who’s c**k did you suck to get that job anyway?”. Yea, and you wonder why i’m unemployed right now.

Seriously though my current unemployment has nothing to do with saying anything like that to my last boss. I was sacked because i basically feel asleep at work. What!, it was 3am and i’d eaten a pizza with hot chicken wings and garlic bread, besides nothing ever happens on that night shift. You know Security is easy when your neighbours are Military Intelligence Section 5 (MI5) or as they prefer these days, The Security Services. Man those guys are paranoid. I used to run over there and leave a brown paper bag with an old hard drive from the I.T. store room on the back gate, or the gigantic steel gates, which ever you prefer. Then wait for all fucking hell to break loose, so much fun to be had watching the armed police response units close the streets then watching the bomb squad send out their poor little robot, and blow it to pieces. Hahaha good times.

So anyway I’m looking for work, any help?

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