Letter to BT. 750 Words Monday, 25 July 2011.

Are you the second. Mmmmmm beer.

So, hello there.

Today I did stuff.

Its 15:07 I have a beer to my left, A rerun of Two and a Half men on Comedy Central to my right and Rammstein playing through my iTunes. I’m using Google+ and responding to eMails as they come in.

Who said Men can multitask?

Anywho, on to the days events so far, as I have nothing else to go on about I might as well write about that. So this morning I woke up, as usual, pretty late in the morning, I think today it was around 11am, yea yea I know, leave me alone I was up late last night masturbating to porn on some weird Gonzo porn website. Find free porn now is so much easier.

So anyway I knew I had to do a few things this morning, the first, logging in to my online bank and doing a back check of payments I’ve made to ‘BT Group PLC’ that being British Telecom, which I use for my phone and internet, even though I don’t even use the land line, I just give everyone my mobile number, and so don’t even have a phone connected to that line. Any way, I did this check because on the 21st of this month BT took £25 from my account, which I wasn’t billed for, they just too it, I called them up and asked about it, but they didn’t even have these payment on record, they had my last bill payment but not this one. The also happened on the 21st of May, for £35.

I downloaded the appropriate pages as a PDF, and circles the BT bill payments with a red pen so they could find them easily. I don’t really have faith in their intelligence so I figured I’d leave a hugh red mark as to where I want them to look. Of course there were other pieces of information on that bank statement that I didn’t want them to see, so I hit them with the black marker. In the end this bank statement looked like a top secret government document with 6 big red circles.

I had to do some cross referencing checking numbers and stuff like that. I did nothing that after my account number came 6 digits, this seemed to be the billing number, the last one I have is 000027, meaning its the 27th bill payment on this account number. That much was easy, except number 23 and 25 seemed to pop up twice, and in both instances I was charged a few and that fee didn’t appear in the BT records.

So I write a cover letter explaining the problem and what I have found, that BT had taken £60 form me in 3 months, and that I want it back. I’m not holding my breath. And if I’m not contacted by the end of the week. Next Monday I’ll be on the phone again and again I’ll be sending another letter. And I’ll keep doing this until I get my fucking money back.

Also, I’m going to back track as far back as I can go and see if this has happened before. That might take some time, but I know what I’m looking for, unfortunately I can’t make the search easy by doing a keyword search for BT Group PLC, I’ll just have to do to page at a time. Download it if I find more, get the black and red pens out again, write yet another cover letter and send it off again.

I packaged it up in an envelope, and sent it by recorded post, bought a few beers, picked up a prescription, not for me, topped up my oyster card and withdraw some cash. Came home and started doing this, after I made a quick VLog about BT stealing my money.

And in less then an hour I’m heading out to the Gym for todays workout, then back home for protein shakes and meat, there is a big steak in the fridge that got my name on it. Medium rare please.

It just seems that every time I think that I might be getting on top of my finances something happens and i’m back struggling again. If getting a little tiresome. Frustrating. Irritating. Annoying and whatever other words you can think of that follow along that line.

Bare minimum today folks, sorry, I’m near at my 750 words. So I’ll be signing off for the day, then uploading this to three websites and embedding to another. Ohh social media.

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