Could I?. 750 Words Sunday, 31 July 2011.

Maybe i could run a film studio.

What has today brought me, more feted dreams of movie making, a dream I hold so dear I think I’ll never be able to ever achieve it with anything other then a cinema ticket to the latest 3D production as the movie I want to see isn’t displayed in 2D as I’d prefer.

I woke up with an eMail form a friend asking if I was ‘there’, I replied, “I think so….. Hang on. Yep I think I’m all here” he then asked me to log into iChat, he didn’t give a reason and I hate it when people ask me to do things without giving a reason for it.

I opened iChat and he immediately sent me an AVI file, if you’ve ever download a bootleg movie it most likely came in this format .avi, it was ‘The Captains’ which is basically a trekkies wet dream, William Shatner talks to Sir Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bukula and Chris Pine. All (But one) of the Enterprise Captains. Can you guess who the ‘But one’ is? Not that you really care.

Anyway I watched this 90 minutes Trek-gasm, he also shared via .avi file the Thundercats pilot episode, that be the new Thundercats. Not that I actually care about it to be honest, Thundercats was a big part of my life as a kid and I’ll always treasure that, I hope never to lose that part of myself but a new re-imagined Thundercats, I just don’t care. I’ll watch the pilot and forget it like the ham and cheese sandwich I just ate.

After all that I realised that the sun was out and at that point I no longer wanted to stay in this house, I had to get out. I got dressed, thats not to say I wasn’t dressed before I mean I got dressed in a manner that would have people looking at me as if I was a mental patient. Jeans a T-Shirt, which since I’ve been going to the Gym has gotten a little tight around the chest/shoulders and arms. I’m fine with that.

So I went out on my 4 mile round trip, to my usual walking point, Highgate Woods, the sun was hot and I had my music playing, loud. I love it, to get out and walk, think about nothing and just listen to music I like without someone telling me to “turn down that crap”.

Once I was home I check Youtube and found that the Foo Fighters had uploaded a new 40 minutes video, hummmm, what could this be, it was In fact a 40 edit of all the Garage concerts they’d done recently, it was going well, but a copy of ‘Issue 93 Vol: 18 MovieMaker Magazine’ was looking at me, and the sun was still out and shining bright in the land of rain and overcast grey, “Fuck it” I grabbed the magazine pause the Foo Fighters video and went down stairs, grabbed a beer from the small fridge we have, and sat in the garden on the patio steps to read this magazine, no reason why I wanted to do that this time I just didn’t want to be indoors.

And so I sat there reading and drinking, getting inspired as I always do when reading about film makers, reading how social networking is good for indie film makers, how indie film makers don’t need to worry about the 3D revolution in film making, personally I think they don’t need to worry because they know its all shit and a waste of money and as soon as the public realize that it’ll disappear, as it always has done, and how smaller studios are popping up all over America, taking away the need for an expensive trip to Hollywood, these ‘Studios off the beaten path’ do seem to be popping up meaning that indie film makers and big studios don’t need to head to Hollywood. In my honest opinion the sooner Hollywood looses its grip on the film industry the better it’ll be for smaller, independent film makers. But thats just me.

Over the years many people have said I should start my own business, as I’m always finding myself in unemployment, and always go on about hating the bosses/managers I have to work with. I find that c businesses these day are run like a dictatorship, “do as we say or fuck off” is the kind of attitude I come across a lot. So I figure that I’ll never be happy work for other people, so what else is there, well, working for myself, unless I realize that I hate me I’ll be fine. After reading the article on small ‘Off the beaten track’ studios popping up all over America I wondered what it would take to get one set up here, a small studio for independent film makers, cheap enough for users of Vimeo or Youtube to have professional grade facilities at their disposal.

Reading this article it goes on to say that it helps the local economy, a cast and crew needs to be feed, housed and have out of office facilities, its a place to beginners to learn they chosen craft. The need for lumber for sets and food for craft services, material for costumes. And thats not to mention that foot traffic the local cafes and coffee shops will get. A long with cab and taxi services to shuttle tired cast and crew to there hotels.

I wondered if I could get a studio up and running, with no money at all, by way of Government funding. Or going on Dragons Den and holding them all at gun point. No, ok.

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