Started a new Vimeo Acount

Snap Crackle and Burp from Grifter Films on Vimeo.

What ya gonna do if you have no milk for cereal?

This video came about do to a conversation i have with a friend, she asked if i’d ever had beer on Corn Flakes, i told her no but i would try it the day after and film it for her. I ended up making this short instead.

Shot with my Sony HDR-TG3e and a Gorilla pod, edited on Final Cut Pro 5 or iMovie i can’t remember.

So i opened up a new Vimeo account, again, And so i’ll be uploading all my shorts.

Its not like they’re awesome pieces of independent cinema or anything, just silly video i made in no time at all. But as i’m going to start writing more and more, and hopefully the odd short film will apperate out of my arse and i’ll be able to make it, i hope anyway. I read a let about how easy it is to shoot a short film, even using an iPhone or other camera phone that records in HD, but then i have a Sony HDR-FX1e HD camera which has a 72mm lens, so lots of light there. I figure if i just think positive i might be able to make more then that silly/stupid video i make, and create something worth watching.

Even though i’ll be upload them to my FiskFilm Youtube channel (They’ll have to be under 15 minutes for that right now) i also started a Vimeo account because i want serious feedback and not just the dumbass comments you get on Youtube. Also with a Vimeo plus account there is no upload limit and no time limit of videos.

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