The Green Bin, again. 750 Words Monday, 1 August 2011.

Got a little red i see

I sat in the back yard yesterday because the sun was out and I didn’t want to waste it, living in Britain means that you have to enjoy the sun and soak up as much of it as possible if it shows itself because its not out for long or very often, I when of a walk and once I got back I didn’t want to stay in but had no where to go.

I sat out there reading my Movie Maker magazine and drinking the beer I had bought back with me from my walk. And as I didn’t finish it yesterday I figured, seeing as its still sunny out I’d sit in the back yard again and finish it off, so with a diet coke and a hot sun I sat and read through the articles I hadn’t read yesterday.

While reading I could smell what can only be described as death, I thought that something had died nearby then I remembered, the Greens Bin needed to be washed out. The Greens Bin is a green bin we put organic waste, food, grass discarded flowers or apples that fell form next doors apple tree.

I dug out the pressure washer and the garden hose and set to work cleaning it, at first it wasn’t to bad and I figured that it clearly wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, then I blasted the bottom and got a face full of what ever crap had nested down there, seriously it was as if Death himself had defecated in there. So after washing the sides down and creating a nice pool of “Water” at the bottom I lifted it up onto the raised bed at the back on my garden and tipped it over, then blasted the bottom again, but this time concentrated on getting what ever it was that was suck to the it. I think it was a few apples, they kinda looked like turds, they also smelt like turds. The brown bottom juice was removed, by me tipping the bin enough then running away so not to get any of it on my bare feet, I’d already spatted myself with the bins fecal matter already and didn’t what more.

So, bit is now clean and so I lift it in the garden, I’m not touching it until tomorrow, not until all the juice is evaporated. The smell that finally erupted once I broke through the bottom crush was enough to melt my eyes and burn my lungs, hence me shutting my eyes taking a deep breath and pointing the end of the jet washer towards the general area of the bin and waving it about.

A nice long shower later and I feel clean again, I also scrubbed my face and hands again afterwards to be sure.

One more thing I achieved, yesterday I gave myself t-shirt tan lines, I needed to get rid of them and so today I did, now I have vest tan lines. If I didn’t have my gut I’d just be out there topless, but I’m a little self-conscious about it right now. And I promise that once my stomach is flat, I’ll go around topless more often.

Damned, still 200+ words short.

My sister did a 3 mile fun run today for charity. My nephew Harley wanted to use my iPhone to play ‘Cut the Rope’ even though he has it on his iPad. My mother went out for a few hours 4 hours ago. I wanted to go out for another walk but couldn’t. This will be the third blog I’ve posted today, unless I write another one between now and when ever I finish this one. Were supposed to have good weather for the next few day, then it’ll rain again. You see, enjoy it while it lasts. Sun shine in British is endangered, so never miss an opportunity to see it.

I wonder how many bricks I can see out my window, my guess is lots. I would count them all but I get distracted by shiny things. One day, one day I want to look outside my window and not see bricks. The ocean would be nice, or rolling hills, or rolling hills and an ocean. Looking over a beach. Where the nearest house is out of sight and I can’t here the dulcet tones of screaming kids and shouting parents, car alarms. Even though I can hear them the owners never seem to, not for the first few hours anyway.

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