The Green Bin


So I was asked to dig out the pressure washer today to clean out the greens bin, the bin we put organic waste like food and grass cuttings.
But first I wanted to finish reading my movie maker magazine, in the air was the definite smell of death, and as a cooling breeze moved past it carried with it the odour of decomposition.
I dug out the pressure washer set it up and dropped the bin in the middle of the garden, so far it was ok, as long as i didn’t disturb the mass of organic death at the bottom the smell was fine, nothing I couldn’t handle.
The pressured jet of water hit that mass and a cloud of mist shot up out of the bin and with it the smell of death, my immediate reaction was to turn away. It helped as I copped a face full of that mist and I’m sure the fecal matter of death. Once i cleared the sides I moved the bin to the back of the garden and lifted it onto the raised bed, tipping it over so the water inside could drain out. No smell, well maybe it’s not that bad then.
I pointed the water jet at the bottom of the bin and fired a steady stream and just kind of waved it about as I couldn’t see what I was aiming at, then the smell I thought was trapped in there but wasn’t that bad showed itself to me in a wave as dry heaves. A smell that can induce vomit is what I had unleashed upon myself.

Needless to say I finished the job, while taking a deep breath and just diving straight in. Now we have a clean(er) greens bin that no longer smells like we should be charging death rent.

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