The Senator and the Stones

Ok, so I’m in a writey mood. And my Writing Prompt app tells me that I should write the following scene;


An Amusement Park


A US Senator


A Plies of Stones



So I’ll try this without thinking to much, I’ll just go as a write it.

The Senator and the Stones

A silhouette of a man against the bright coloured lights of the amusement park, made brighter by the cloudy darkened sky above, he’s wearing a long trench coat and a fedora, in his left hand hangs a brief case, a cold breeze moves past, the man in the trench coat starts to walk towards the bright lights, the message said that they should meet by the hoopla.

Happy faces everywhere, children with their parents couples either hand in hand or with their arms wrapped around each other, cotton candy, soda, chocolate and beer are in great abundance, the amusement park is in full swing the sounds of bells and whistles people cheering. An argument breaks out, the man in the trench coat stops suddenly and looks on, he’s nervous, its all he can do to stop his hands from shaking, why did it come here, it was a stupid thing to do, but he had to, there was no other choice, he looks down at his shoes and closes his eyes, trying to regain his composer, he makes his right hand into a fist and presses his lips together and his brow furrows. He relaxes and continues to move towards the hoopla. Why the hoopla, why couldn’t it just be at the gate?

The man in the trench coat can finally see the hoopla, he scans the area but can’t see the man he is looking for, he doesn’t know what the man looks like, but he was told to look for a blue t-shirt and a red baseball cap, not the kind of attire one wears to a clandestine met, but I guess here he’ll blend in just fine there do seem to be a lot of grown men in baseball caps, most chugging down beer. As the man in the trench coat arrives at the hoopla he still can’t see the man he came to see. Maybe I’m early. Maybe I’m late, he checks his watch, its 8:57pm, the met is at 9pm. He thinks that he should maybe leave and come back in a few minutes. He’s never had a meeting like this before and doesn’t know that protocol, he’s used to power meeting, with some of the countries most important and influential people “Senator” the voice came from behind him, the Senator turns to see a large man wearing a blue t-shirt and a red baseball cap, jeans and sneakers with a back pack hanging off of one shoulder

“Right this way senator” says the man in the red cap.

“How long is this going to take, no one knows I’m here and my secret service detail is going to start wondering where I went”

“It won’t take but a minute, Senator” replies the man in the red cap.

“Can you stop calling me Senator please” he says looking around to make sure no one can hear them.

“Listen SEN-A-TOR, what the hell should I call you, I don’t know you, we’ve never met before and I sure as shit don’t care to know your damn name so can we just get this done. Please” the man in the red cap gestures for them both to move behind the hoopla the moves off.

The Senator pauses for a moment as the man in the red cap moves away and disappears behind the hoopla stall.

Behind the stall the man in the red cap has already removed the back pack is and unzipping it, the Senator looks on as the man in the red cap removes a bag about the size of a football, it looks heavy.

“Is that them?” says the Senator.

“No this is the medication I have to take because I deal with idiots like you all the damn time” spits the Red cap “Is that your fucking lunch” red gestures to the brief case

The Senator isn’t used to being talked to in this manner and is taken aback by it “Fine” the Senator lifts up the brief case and opens it, “two hundred and fifty thousand dollars”

The Red cap looks in, his eye widen. The Senator slams the brief case shut “You turn” the red cap pulls out a red stone from the bag “28 more just like that one” says the red cap.

The senator looks at the ruby and his eye glaze over, then red cap drops it back into the bag “So, do we have a deal or not” says the red cap.

The Senator lifts up the brief case and holds it out and red cap hands over the bag of stones. Red cap take the brief case and the Senator grabs the bag. Red cap smiles and walks away while the senator holds the bag close to his chest, he turns on his heel and heads back into the stream of screaming children and semi-drunk red necks, the music sounds louder then it did before and the smell of the cotton candy chocolate and beer stronger, maybe its just that his senses are more open as he walks through the crowds guarding the the bag close to his chest. He doesn’t look to suspicious, a grown man on a long trench coat, a fedora hunched over trying to guard the bag of stones as best he can and moving faster then the flow of traffic. Moments later he is out outside the gates again, there are people moving in and out of the amusement park but he feels a little safer out here. He looks around and calls a taxi, telling the drive his address, it seemed like it took longer then it should have to get home but once he was inside his front door the Senator truly felt safe, he walks to his office and drops the bag on his desk, removing the trench coat and fedora he pores himself a whiskey and stands looking at the bag on his desk, the door open and a man, smartly dressed with an ear piece to a radio in this left ear “Sir, if you decide to leave your home again please keep us apprised of where you intend to go so me can do our job” says the man form the secret service.

“Get out” spits the Senator.

The secret service man leaves and closes the door behind him. The Senator puts down his drink and moves to his desk, looking at the bag, he picks it up and tips the contents onto his desk. The senators eye widen and his mouth opens “What the hell” the Senator stands looking down at the pile of stones, not the ruby red stones that he was expecting or that Red Cap sampled for him, wait where is the stone he showed me, the stones are your regular garden variety stones, dull round and not ruby red.

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